I.T. Co. Created Necessary Conditions to Enhance Education Processes at Omsk State Technical University


I.T. Co. Created Necessary Conditions to Enhance Education Processes at Omsk State Technical University
I.T. Co. deployed in one of the technical laboratories of Omsk State Technical University special software produced by Ultimate Technographics Inc. to prepare documents for digital printing. The project was implemented with the active support of InfoPrint Russia.

Omsk State Technical University always tended to use in its practice the most advanced solutions and developments. Cooperation of I.T. Co. and Omsk State Technical University started in late 2009 when the university invited a tender for modern digital printing office. As a result, I.T. Co. was appointed contractor and implemented a full-function printing office, based on InfoPrint Solutions hardware and software (company was established in 2007 by Ricoh and IBM), which is able to meet the printing needs of the university during the next coming years. The university was equipped with InfoPrint Pro – C900S, the first in Russia industrial full-color digital printer.

With the intention of developing cooperation with I.T. Co., the management team of Omsk State Technical University decided to deploy in their “Digital Printing Systems” laboratory, which operates within the “Equipment and Technologies for Printing Production” department, a special Impostrip software, the flagship product of Ultimate Technographics Inc., designed to prepare documents for printing on digital printers. This software will be used within academic activities of the university to prepare engineers and bachelors who master in “Technologies of Printing Production” and “Production Printers and Automated Systems”. Software manufactured by Ultimate Technographics Inc. enjoys for many years a fairly earned outstanding reputation among printing specialists, in the publishing sector and within commercial printing offices. This software not only eases digital workflow at the pre-press stage but also allows substantial savings if accurately used.

“In fact, modern digital printing system is an integrated solution consisting of a number of separate components. Besides, it is not only different equipment but a full set of software products” Mikhail Stepanov, I.T. Co.’s Project Director of Digital Print Systems said, - “That is the reason why a deep understanding of all components and expertise in their functioning allows effective work of digital printing system as a whole. Impostrip software is indeed one of the components of an integrated system, which is responsible for automation of one of the pre-press processes. Nowadays, it is fairly difficult to imagine the work of modern printing office without use of such products”.

“In order to train qualified specialists, it is important to provide evident and practical approach. That is why the deployment of specially designed software manufactured by the world famous developer is vital. Due to cooperation with I.T. Co. and InfoPrint Russia, students from Omsk State Technical University received a unique chance to study modern printing systems and major in a desired profession”, Sergey Nikolaevich Litunov, Professor of Technical Sciences and Head of The Equipment and Technologies for Printing Production Department, said.

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