I.T. Co. Automated Key Business Processes at OJSC IC “ROSNO”


I.T. Co. Automated Key Business Processes at OJSC IC “ROSNO” I.T. Co. implemented an ECM system based on IBM software products at OJSC IC “ROSNO”. A unified storage and document processing system enhanced the process of information transfer from regionally spread offices and agencies to the company’s data processing center located in Voronezh.

OJSC IC “ROSNO” is one of the largest insurance companies in Russia, licensed to provide more than 130 insurance services and has a wide regional network throughout the country. The company has always paid special attention to optimization of time and labor; therefore a number of internal projects aimed at the centralization of operations were established as a part of company’s financial strategy.

Implementation of the automation system at OJSC IC “ROSNO” had to ensure business process continuity through the optimization of operations, payments to contractors and staff, and centralization of insurance activities. Besides, it was important to increase the level of information and document support, as well as insurance operations due to centralized storage, and to pay special attention to quality, time and continuity of process associated with registration of financially important information in order to centralize insurance activities.

Open Source Alfresco Community Edition system deployed at OJSC IC “ROSNO” ceased to satisfy increasing business demand, therefore the management of the insurance company decided to switch to the improved Alfresco Enterprise Edition. I.T. Co. won the tender to install Alfresco Enterprise Edition at OJSC IC “ROSNO”.

Prior to installation, I.T. Co. conducted an analysis of this software and specified customer requirements. Considering the results, I.T. Co. proposed the customer to change its platform. In view of all recommendations, OJSC IC “ROSNO” chose IBM’s unified industry solution, which allows professional task performance associated with processing large data volumes that is typical for insurance companies having such regionally distributed structure.

The project was implemented in several stages. During the first stage of the project a core functionality of the system was deployed, deployment and testing of software components based on IBM platform was conducted, electronic archive was installed on temporary equipment, data stored in existing archives was migrated, and finally load testing was carried out. All these works were performed in accordance with customer requirements and in record-setting time, i.e. all in all it took only 2 months. The second stage of the project was aimed at enlarging functional capabilities of the system, enhancing processes related to document management and connection of remote offices to the system, as well as integration of the deployed solution with information systems used at OJSC IC “ROSNO”, and, finally, transferring data from existing electronic archive. The IBM system was also integrated with ABBYY FlexiCapture 9.0. A specially designed universal connector (loader) was used for direct transfer of documents and metadata form one system to another.

Currently, OJSC IC “ROSNO” employees use the implemented system throughout Russia; with central and remote offices from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok equally using it. At the moment there are 1,100 users of the system, while growth prospects look impressive.

“The nature of insurance business is very specific, therefore the business and its effectiveness strongly depend on successful performance of automated workflow process. In record-setting time I.T. Co. implemented the EMC system, which addresses the main business requirements for document processing. We managed to establish key business processes within the company and to optimize expenses”, Sergey Pegasov, CIO at OJSC IC “ROSNO”, said.


Founded in 1991, OJSC IC “ROSNO” is one of the largest Russian universal insurance companies. Its clients can choose from over 130 types of voluntary and obligatory insurance. ROSNO’s regional network comprises 88 branches combined into 8 territorial directorates, and 383 agencies in all Russian federal administrative units. ROSNO Group, jointly with Allianz ROSNO Life, IG Progress-Garant, SAK Allianz, Allianz Kazakhstan and Euler Hermes are owned by Allianz Eurasia. ROSNO provides a wide range of insurance products to individual customers and corporate clients. Find more information on 

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