I.T. Co. Reconfirms Cisco Gold Certified Partner Status


I.T. Co. Reconfirms Cisco Gold Certified Partner Status
For the third time I.T. Co. passed Cisco’s annual certification for Gold Certified Partners. An audit was successfully passed by I.T. Co. due to the fact that the company still meets all the requirements addressed by Cisco for Gold Certified Partners: sufficient number of certified engineers, five Cisco specializations, positive feedback from customers and a great deal of service contracts. Above all, I.T. Co. has a new challenging target to further develop its Cisco business, i.e. to deploy self-developed products based on Cisco solutions and to obtain new Cisco Data Center specializations.

I.T. Co. has been a Cisco Gold Certified Partner for 3 years. During that time the company implemented more than 150 projects for more than 50 customers. Cisco projects represent the lion’s share of turnover for I.T. Co.’s Department of Infrastructure Solutions. Presently, I.T. Co. has more than 50 Cisco-based projects in the public, energy, education and other sectors. Among them are large projects, which aim to modernize the IT and telecommunication infrastructure of hydropower stations, regional dispatch offices, universities, and large state-supported banks. 

The fact that I.T. Co. launched in 2010 two integrated solutions based on Cisco products played a significant role in the successful audit results. “All-seeing eye” – a system based on Wi-Fi and RFID tags to track and locate wireless objects and specially designed by I.T. Co. for manufacturing, construction, logistics and transportation companies. Security Vision – a system to monitor and manage information security events. Both of these solutions are currently deploying at several of I.T. Co.’s customers.

Over the period of several consecutive quarters I.T. Co. was entitled the best EMEA partner for outstanding customer satisfaction results. I.T. Co.’s new office, where the company moved in the autumn of 2010, has a Cisco demonstration laboratory dedicated for test-drives. The fist test-drive is scheduled for December 9, 2010 and will focus on Cisco Wide Area Application Services. I.T. Co.’s testing stand will demonstrate to customers how to streamline data communication networks.

Currently, I.T. Co. plans to expand its Cisco expertise and obtain two more specializations — Advanced Data Center Storage Network and Advanced Data Center Network Infrastructure. Both specializations prove I.T. Co.’s high professional competence in the development of IT infrastructure based on Cisco solutions dedicated for data centers and will complement its five existing specializations:
  • Video Surveillance в an authorized technical video surveillance partner
  • Advanced Unified Communications в a unified communications partner (including IP telephony, video conferences, integrated voice and web conferences, mobile IP softphones, voice mail and unified messaging)
  • Advanced Routing and Switching в a partner to design integrated network solutions
  • Advanced Wireless LAN в a partner to design wireless LANs
  • Advanced Security в a partner to design security solutions

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