I.T. Co. Implements Ambitious Project for the Federal State Statistics Service


I.T. Co. Implements Ambitious Project for the Federal State Statistics Service
I.T. Co. supplied the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) with 436 units of printing equipment manufactured by Xerox and other manufacturers amounting to 165 million Rubles. Within belt-tightening time the equipment was delivered to the central office and 82 regional offices. The equipment is used for processing the results of the 2010 Population Census, the 2011 SMB Census 2011 and in daily activities of Rosstat. As estimated by I.T. Co., the total cost of ownership of the new equipment is several times less in comparison with the previous equipment, thus, allowing Rosstat to significantly save budget money.

The activities performed by Rosstat are associated with collecting large volumes of different types of data. For instance, during the 2010 Population CensusRosstat collected information related to 141 million 468.4 thousand people and plans to announce preliminary results of the Census in April 2011. The high-level processing of collected data is only possible when using the latest technology and modern computing infrastructure.

One of the objectives of the Federal Target Program “Development of State Statistics of Russia 2007-2011” was modernization of the system for statistical data collection, processing, storage and distribution operated by government statistics authorities by means of modern information and communication technologies. I.T. Co. took an active role in performing this goal and in the autumn of 2010 won two auctions initiated by Rosstat to supply printing finishing equipment priced at 45 million Rubles and a multifunctional device with the total value exceeding 120 million Rubles.

The aim of modernization was to create a fully automated and controlled document workflow systems integrated with the network of regional state statistics agencies. The system has a modular structure and in case of necessity various software parts may be added (identification, payment systems, remote printing from central office to regional state statistics agencies, etc). Xerox multifunctional equipment served as an essential part of document workflow center for each regional state statistics agency. The use of Xerox equipment guarantees high-quality support in all 82 regions. The ability to scan documents into a network allows optimized delivery of documents via email. All above mentioned facts provide a great economic impact – not less than 25% of annual financing for maintenance of existing equipment.

In accordance with the first contract, I.T. Co. supplied the central office and all regional offices of Rosstat with 291 units of finishing printing equipment, including binding machines, cutters, thermal and wire stitching machines. In accordance with the second contract, I.T. Co. provided 145 multifunctional devices of four types, including 22 devices of industrial class. Delivery and on-site commissioning was completed by I.T. Co. by mid-December 2010. It was difficult to perform such large state contracts within 4 months: delivery of expensive and fragile equipment to outlying regions, on-site training of elderly users, and development of necessary documents – all this equally involved difficulties. Thus, an unforeseen situation came up and autumn floods in China affected part of the ordered equipment. 

“We are proud that we participated in performing one of the main objectives of the Federal Target Program “Development of State Statistics of Russia 2007-2011”, - said Mikhail Stepanov, Project Director of Digital Printing Systems. – The project was difficult because of the force majeure and low profit; still, what is more important, we managed to achieve it and didn’t let the customer down. At the same time, the project once again persuaded us that document workflow systems are highly demanded by our customers and represent a promising business for I.T. Co. Another important result of this project for us is the positive experience of cooperation with Xerox”.

A large-scale project performed for “Rosstat” could hardly be achieved without the expert knowledge in digital printing that is a new business focus for I.T. Co. The business unit “Digital Printing Systems” was launched in August 2009 and provides a full range of services to supply, install and support digital printing systems. 

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