I.T. Co. Adds IT Component to the Moscow Lighting System


I.T. Co. Adds IT Component to the Moscow Lighting System
I.T. Co. completed R&D works for the “Development of Integrated Information and Management System for Outdoor Lighting in Moscow”. The system consolidates more than twenty information systems. A new hardware and software solution for unified technological (dispatch) management of outdoor lighting facilities located in the capital city of the Russian Federation was elaborated. Three years ago all major I.T. Co. departments, I.T. Group companies, I.T. Co.’s subcontractor LLC Svetoservice and project team of the State Unitary Enterprise “Mossvet” were involved in the project. The cost of the state contract constituted 190 million rubles.

In 2008 I.T. Co. received the right to execute this project by winning the tender. I.T. Co. specialists started to prepare for the tender several months in advance and together with the customer and subcontractor defined the concept for the development of an integrated information and management system for outdoor lighting, as well as technical requirements, project components, timing and implementation results. It became possible to reduce the initial cost of the project by 60 million rubles.

The main objective of the development of the integrated information and management system for outdoor lighting is to significantly increase efficiency, reliability and quality of outdoor lighting, and provide prompt operational control and response of technical and dispatch services to emergency situations detected in the outdoor lighting of the city.

Within the framework of the project, more than twenty systems were designed and consolidated in four blocks:
  • system for prompt dispatch control and management of technological processes of outdoor lighting
  • enterprise process management system
  • information systems and services of general purpose
  • engineering support system (IT infrastructure)
Among infrastructure components of the system are the following: Data Storage and Processing Center (primary and backup), hardware and software of the Central Dispatch Center, dispatch centers, power stations and transformer substations, and a Crisis Management Center.

Kraftway servers were used for the development of the Data Storage and Processing Center; Crisis Management Center is equipped with Polycom hardware and software; Oracle software served for the system’s database; BOSS-Referent was chosen for the document workflow system; enterprise data communication system is based on Cisco equipment; whereas telephone network is built on Avaya. I.T. Co. together with daughter companies developed software applications. I.T. Co. proposed a technological solution, which is based on its accumulated experience in the development of corporate systems, expertise of LLC Svetoservice in the development of Automatic process control systems, and current condition of existing program and software infrastructure owned by the State Unitary Enterprise “Mossvet”.

Coverage by the system of all outdoor lighting facilities will help to optimize the work of the State Unitary Enterprise “Mossvet” and will cut costs associated with operation of the outdoor lighting system of the city, as well as provide better work coordination for divisions and subcontractors of the State Unitary Enterprise “Mossvet” who are responsible for the operation of Moscow lighting system.

Igor Panykov, Head of the IT Department at the State Unitary Enterprise “Mossvet” commented on results of the project: “The need to develop this system appeared long time ago because the main problem of the enterprise was a poor level of automation. R&D results provided opportunity to consolidate information resources owned by the State Unitary Enterprise “Mossvet”, develop mechanisms for the development of geo-information outdoor lighting system, create industry prototypes of automated workstation for the Central Dispatch Center and other dispatch offices, which combine various outdoor lighting management systems in a single interface, work out standard infrastructure designed for transformer substations and power stations. And that’s just a beginning of the road. Currently, only five dispatch centers out of seventeen are equipped with new software. 4% of outdoor lighting facilities, less than 1% of transformer substations (6-10 Kv) and 1% of facilities with decorative outdoor lighting are controlled by the system. Therefore, R&D results should be introduced at all outdoor lighting facilities.

About the State Unitary Enterprise “Mossvet”
The State Unitary Enterprise “Mossvet” was established in August 1999. It provides supervisory control of city outdoor lighting. Presently, the State Unitary Enterprise “Mossvet” operates about 500 000 lamps, 269 000 poles, 163 000 transformer substations (6-10kV), and more than 4 000 electrical distribution panels (0,4 kV). The length of distributed networks (0,4 kV) exceeds 16 000 km.

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