Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation prolonged cooperation with Kaspersky Lab


Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation prolonged cooperation with Kaspersky Lab
I.T. Co., which has the status of Kaspersky Lab Enterprise Partner, carried out the delivery of 1600 licenses for solution of centralized protection of workstations, mobile devices, file and mail servers Kaspersky Total Spece Security for the Accounts Chamber of the RF. Validity period of the license agreement is two years.

“Superior body of government financial control makes the highest demands on security of its information, – explains Vladimir Beskrovnyi, the Director of Informatization Department of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. – Kaspersky Lab is our reliable partner, providing comprehensive data protection against modern information threats, and consequently, the stability of the entire information-telecommunication system of the Accounts Chamber”.

“Kaspersky Total Space Security solution is based on advanced technologies of Kaspersky Lab, which ensures the complete protection of all elements of enterprise information network against current malware, – says Sergey Zemkov, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab in Russia. – Our competitive advantages are the considerable working experience with government organizations and a presence of FSS and FSTEC certificates which enable to apply our solutions for protection of information classified as state secret. Moreover, we provide our customers with reliable technical support 24/7 that is of great importance for government organizations”.

Kaspersky Total Space Security provides comprehensive protection of corporate networks of any size and complexity against all types of modern computer threats. Kaspersky Total Space Security monitors all inbound and outbound data flows: e-mail, Internet-traffic and all network interactions. It includes components for protecting workstations and smartphones, provides instant and secure user access to Company's information resources and Internet resources as well as ensures security of communications via e-mail.

About Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation
Parliamentary financial control authority of the Russian Federation. Status of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation is determined by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law “On the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation”, according to which the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation is a permanent authority of financial control, formed by the Federal Assembly, and accountable to it. Accounts Chamber, being governed by the Federal law, executes orders of the Federation Council and State Duma. Within the framework of its tasks the Accounts Chamber has the organizational and functional independence. It is the control authority of the Federal Assembly, but is not its structural unit and is not formally related to the legislative, executive or judicial branches of government. More information on the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation is available on the web-site   

About Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab is Europe's largest producer of security systems against malware, hacker attacks and spam. The company is among the four leading software solutions’ developers for information security. Following the results of 2010, Company’s revenues increased by 38% and exceeded 500 million dollars. More than 2,300 highly experienced professionals are employed in Kaspersky Lab. The Company's products provide strong protection to computers and mobile devices of more than 300 million users worldwide, technologies are used in the products of the world's major suppliers of software and hardware solutions. More information is available on the web-site

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