I.T. Co. deployed ICT-infrastructure according to international standards in the new building of Saratov RDC


I.T. Co. deployed ICT-infrastructure according to international standards in the new building of Saratov RDC
I.T. Co. has completed works on equipment of new building of Regional Dispatching Center of Saratov oblast Power System, the branch of SO EES OJSC. During the project implementation, SCS has been built, telecom and server systems have been installed, data storage system, master clock system and virtualization technology system have been introduced. New dispatching center, equipped with modern infrastructure solutions, will improve the reliability of operative-dispatching control over the power system of Saratov oblast.

Branch of System operator of Integrated Power System OJSC, Middle Volga ODC now is managing the mode of Middle Volga UES, which combines power systems of Penza, Samara, Saratov, Ulyanovsk and Nizhny Novgorod oblasts, as well as Chuvash, Mari, Mordovia and Tatarstan republics.

For increasing reliability of operative-dispatching management of Saratov oblast, in the end of July, 2011 the branch of SO EES OJSC, Regional Dispatching Center of Saratov oblast Power System (Saratov RDC) was moved to a new 5-storeyed building.

In autumn 2009, before the beginning of Saratov RDC equipment, the Middle Volga ODC invited I.T. Co. for evaluation of technical solutions, offered by third-party contractor on the project of building construction completion. Professionals of I.T. Co. carried out the appraisal of solutions on establishment of structured cabling system, telecommunication and information systems, which showed that solutions, applied in the project, were morally outdated and did not take into account the development prospects, while the estimated technical implementation did not comply with international standards.

By January 2010 I.T. Co. came up with a new technical solution concept. It was based on several important principles: application of actual technologies and solutions, efficiency of initial investments, full-cost of possession reduction, possibility of effective further expansion, as well as reliability and fault tolerance. After the concept defence before the Saratov RDC and representatives of System operator, I.T. Co. concept was approved as a new basic solution.

The project implementation commenced in August 2010 and lasted a little less than one year. During that time professionals of I.T. Co. built the structured cable system of EA class, with network capacity of up to 10G, in full accordance with the international standards ISO/IEC 11801 2nd Edition Amendment 2 requirements. The bunch of two keyboards Cisco Catalyst 6500 was used as the network core in order to ensure high flexibility and scalability, high-speed routing, high level of safety and manageability.

The server system on the basis of IBM BladeCenter chassis, data storage system IBM System Storage and application of virtualization technology VMware were deployed for optimization of computing capacities and ensuring fault tolerance of the system. Master clock system, created during the project implementation, allowed to combine all the equipment, working with the precise time, into one time space.

As a result of project implementation I.T. Co. professionals laid more than 50 km of copper and optical lines, installed 1600 ports of horizontal and main subsystems, built subsystem of TV signal reception and transfer. Subsystem of TV signal reception and transfer is integrated with SCS, receivable TV-signal is transferred by SCS lines and subscribers’ units can be connected to any information port of horizontal subsystem.

Sergey V. Barankin, director of information technologies of Middle Volga ODC, the branch of SO EES OJSC: “Selection of I.T. Co. as IT-partner was not random. During 8 years of cooperation the company established a good reputation of project implementation on infrastructure establishment for Middle Volga ODC and its branches. Before moving into the new building of dispatching center we got at our disposal the modern, flexible and easily scalable complex of information and engineering systems. We are glad to note that the project solutions, developed for Saratov RDC, can be applied at construction of new objects in the responsibility area of Middle Volga ODC”.

About Saratov RDC
Branch of SO EES OJSC, Saratov RDC, was established in 2003 and comes into responsibility area of Middle Volda ODC, the branch of SO EES OJSC. It acts as dispatching manager of power energy objects on the territory of Saratov oblast. Saratov RDC manages generating objects of installed electric power capacity of 6839 MW, 100 power lines. Operational zone is located on the area of 100 sq. km. with the population of 2.7 million people. More information is available on web-site  

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