Aplana (I.T. Group) has become the first Russian company which joined the Windows Azure Circle program


Aplana (I.T. Group) has become the first Russian company which joined the Windows Azure Circle program
Aplana (I.T. Group) has become the first Russian company that achieved the Microsoft Cloud Accelerate competence and was selected by Microsoft to join the Windows Azure Circle program.

The Windows Azure Circle program is designed to develop a partner ecosystem around the Windows Azure platform and to ensure further success of system integrators. Working in close interaction with Microsoft, the partners are developing their business on the Windows Azure platform and helping customers, offering the services of analyzing a portfolio of solutions, the migration of existing applications and data to the Windows Azure platform, development of new applications and services. This approach allows system integrators to form services that can be copied, and customers – to reduce operational costs and investments in IT, simplify management of applications, react to changes in business tasks more quickly.

"We are very proud of having become the first in Russia, and we are now a part of a small group of partners that obtained this prestigious status", comments Anatoly Gayday, Aplana's Director. – We have far-reaching plans connected with cloud computing, and we clearly understand how we can help our customers to get advantages from the use of Microsoft Windows Azure platform".

In the past year Aplana was building up experience and skills in cloud solutions creation in close cooperation with Microsoft and customers while creating first projects on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform and confirmed its ability to be an active participant of the Azure Circle program.

"We are happy that Microsoft has the customers that possess a valid Software Assurance (SA), the rights to obtain a sponsored Microsoft service to evaluate applicability of the public cloud platform Microsoft – Windows Azure Deployment Planning Services (AZDPS). Aplana Company, having become the first participant of the Azure Circle Partner program in Russia, will help the organizations to get a clear idea of the platform advantages and speed up their realization for the tasks with highest priority" – says Dmitry Marchenko, head of the partner group of Microsoft Russia Strategic Technologies Department.

At present Aplana, being the Microsoft Cloud Accelerate's partner with competence and participant of the Azure Circle program, has a professional team with a practical experience of projects on Windows Azure, internal licenses on Windows Azure and Office 365, preference partner prices and marketing resources. Thus, we can offer all services connected with Windows Azure – from prototypes creation to consulting in changes of business processes related to the transition to the cloud infrastructure. Participation in the Azure Circle program allows Aplana to provide services within the framework of Windows Azure Deployment Planning Services, a structured set of activities called to help the customers realize the advantages of using the Windows Azure platform for their business. This is an excellent opportunity for the customers to use investments in Software Assurance (SA) – they get access to trainings, consultations and analysis of the portfolio of applications planned to be launched on the Windows Azure platform.

Besides the services that are part of Windows Azure Deployment Planning Services, Aplana is ready to provide the following services:
  • Briefings for persons who make business and technical decisions
  • Analysis of the customer's offers portfolio
  • Realization of pilot projects on the Windows Azure platform
  • Assistance in transformation/migration of existing applications and websites to the Windows Azure platform
  • Development of new solutions on the Windows Azure platform
  • Full support of applications that work on the Windows Azure platform
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills to the customers – thus the architects and developers will be able to start independent development on Windows Azure
"Cloud computing is still a new concept for most companies, but they are a considerably more efficient alternative to traditional solutions in the local infrastructure, they improve their flexibility and performance, thus contributing to business growth, – says Alexey Fedorov, head of cloud trend in Aplana. – Our main task is help in the introduction of these new technologies in such a way as to allow our customers to get direct profit from innovations. We have made considerable investments in platform studying and specialists training, seeing that Windows Azure can change the IT infrastructure, and now we are ready to help our customers efficiently use the services of the Windows Azure platform".

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About Aplana
Aplana is a member of I.T. Group, the leading systems integrator and developer of automated systems in Russia, and it specializes in the sphere of software development for independent software vendors (ISV), providing a wide range of services, starting from collection of requirements, analysis of data, creation of prototypes, design, development, implementation, and finishing by integration, reengineering, testing and support. Aplana's IT solutions have been highly appreciated by customers, partners and professional community. Aplana is the Microsoft's long-time "golden" partner and the only company in Russia that has 5 Microsoft® Partner Awards.

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