I.T. Co. implemented a system of network infrastructure management in the pilot zone of TVT broadcasting company


I.T. Co. implemented a system of network infrastructure management in the pilot zone of TVT broadcasting company
I.T. Co. made the first in Russia implementation of the network infrastructure management system on the basis of the Cable-Scout solution, developed by JO Software Engineering (Germany). The complex project of system deployment is realized in the pilot zone of the regional broadcasting company TVT (Kazan). The system provides control over the actual configuration of the telecommunication network, giving the employees up-to-date information about lines and connections, as well as a possibility to form the assignments of introducing changes into the cable system and documenting them in the electronic form.

The broadcasting company TVT OJSC is a leader of telecommunications market of the Republic of Tatarstan, it provides the services of cable analog and digital television, high-speed Internet connection and line telephony. The broadcasting company is present in 15 cities and residential areas of Tatarstan and covers over 650 thou. apartments.

In the course of its existence, TVT has created a developed cable and network infrastructure. At that, the company's subscribers' base reached the critical stage when it became practically impossible to manage the cable network manually, without using special information systems. It was necessary to improve network manageability, increase the efficiency of capital investments, and also reduce the time of accident consequences liquidation and increase the speed of connecting new users.

At the beginning of 2011, the management of TVT OJSC broadcasting company made a decision to implement a professional system of documentation and administration of cable network for efficient monitoring of network condition and management of telecommunication infrastructure objects.

After different technical solutions were studied, the choice was made: the system of electronic document flow in the telecommunications network Cable-Scout, offered by I.T. Co., an exclusive Russian partner of the developer company JO Software Engineering. Cable-Scout is a modern specialized system of documentation, management and planning of communication networks, data transfer networks and control cables. It can help to reflect and manage electroconductive, fiber-optic and off-the-air networks from WAN to LAN: from an interregional unit to a separate pair or fiber.

During 6 months, I.T. Co. specialists deployed a system in the pilot zone of TVT broadcasting company in Kazan. A complex of works encompassed over 70 units of TVT network infrastructure and included implementation of Cable-Scout software, training of customer's personnel, input of several hundred thousand separate data about telephony networks, data transfer, cable TV and linear cable structures into a unified electronic base. Also I.T. Co. specialists have adapted the program to customer's requirements and introduced an electronic cartographic basis into it. It allowed to reflect relevant information in the system about location of cables, connected objects, units with equipment, about installation of cabling inside buildings.

Implementation of the Cable-Scout system allowed to get rid of separated and non-connected sources of telecommunication systems accounting (paper schemes, tables, data of several separate programs and DBs), supervised by different services, and transfer all accounting data to a unified platform. Availability of such a system allows to shift to the centralized model of objects management on the level of the company as a whole and make flexible planning of network development.

"The new system of electronic documentation and administration of telecommunication infrastructure allows to considerably increase manageability of network and control its state using different parameters. Now you need just one click to obtain the data which was earlier inaccessible for company personnel and management: for example, the real number of working commutators and units or those needing replacement, laid kilometers of cables and their location. We used the example of the pilot zone to work out the method of new solution implementation to copy it later as quickly as possible in our subsidiaries on the territory of the republic, says Emil Petrovich Ermolaev, Deputy General Director for technical matters in TVT OJSC broadcasting company.

"The transfer to electronic documentation of the cable system is appropriate from the viewpoint of operational convenience, as well as support of data integrity and relevance. I am sure that TVT broadcasting company, being the first Russian customer that implemented the Cable-Scout solution, will worthily appreciate all the possibility of the system and bring the network management to a new technological level, comments Andrey Semenov, I.T. Co. SKS Development Manager. − During the project realization we carefully studied the specific character of telecommunication network management and obtained a unique experience which we are ready to offer the customers for whom the question of cable and network infrastructure management has become vitally important".

About TVT OJSC broadcasting company
The TVT OJSC broadcasting company offers the services of cable analog and digital television, high-speed Internet connection, and line telephony on the market of the Republic of Tatarstan, offering a wide range of services to those living in the Republic. Television and Internet is not only the means of entertainment but also a very important channel of information which is so necessary in the present-day world. Until March, 2006 the broadcasting company actively worked in the three largest cities of Tatarstan − Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny and Almetyevsk, but after joining TVT OJSC broadcasting company, Radioteleset OJSC broadcasting company is present in 15 cities and residential areas of RT.
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