Technologies of energy efficiency monitoring in I.T. Co.’s office


Technologies of energy efficiency monitoring in I.T. Co.’s office
I.T. Co. has implemented a smart system of monitoring electricity supply and subsistence of its own data processing center and the office located on the territory of the "Omega Plaza" business center. The system ensures full control of electricity supply parameters in real time and control over the status of the main equipment of engineering systems, which considerably improves reliability of the object's energy system functioning.

When I.T. Co. was moving to a new office in autumn, 2010, a decision was made to create a modern system of monitoring building electricity supply and subsistence of the corporate data processing center (DPC). The development and putting into operation of the intellectual monitoring system was performed by I.T. Co.'s "Industrial Automation" department that specializes in implementation of automated building management systems.

The developed industrial system of monitoring electricity supply and subsistence allows to conduct full analytics of electricity consumption in real time across all building electricity consumption joints, including office equipment, lighting and common areas. A separate module is responsible for control of equipment functioning and DPC parameters, including:
  • equipment of the main distribution panels and distribution panels, as well as automatic transfer shields
  • diesel generator installations
  • uninterrupted power supply units
  • precision conditioners, operation parameters (temperature of hot/cold corridors, humidity), lighting
  • possible emergency situations (water leak, etc.)
The smart monitoring system gives a possibility to record dozens of parameters of electricity supply quality for every measured channel or area in real time, in particular, voltage, currents, input power, including the presence of a reactive and harmonic component, etc. The analysis of electrical parameters in different areas of the object allows to find out "narrow" places, where there is a necessity of installing additional equipment that corrects the quality of electricity supply and allows to cut the general electricity consumption and "smooth over" peaking operation to raise the performance index of equipment and increase general reliability of functioning of the whole infrastructure.

There are functions of instant registration of emergency situations in DPC and building energy system, archiving of system parameters values, as well as warning the operator by e-mail and SMS about proximity of electrical supply parameters to critical values or emergency situations. It allows to avoid development of emergency situation and take adequate timely measures, ensure continuous control of the electricity supply system. The system also registers other emergency situations: leak of water, critical change of temperature and humidity, of which it also informs operators on duty.

Besides, the realized possibility of documenting all the events that happen in the system, storage of historical data, construction of charts and issue of required reporting documents for any set periods.

The hardware part of the system is built on the basis of the Janitza Electronics equipment (Germany). I.T. Co. is its official partner and has the status "3P-Provider" which allows to perform large-scale integration projects aimed at creation of smart systems of monitoring energy consumption of administrative and industrial objects. The "top level" of the system is realized on the basis of SCADA WEB STUDIO class software by InduSoft (USA).

As a result of implementing a smart system of monitoring energy supply and subsistence of corporate DPC and building, I.T. Co. managed to ensure full control over the necessary parameters and increase the efficiency of the object's electricity supply system. Now authorized specialists have an integral picture of DPC's technological equipment functioning with a possibility of receiving early notification about arising problems and prevention of peak demand. There is also reduction in the operating cost of energy supply systems, better information awareness of personnel and transition to real energy saving on the object.

"Today the Smart Grid is one of the most demanded industrial technologies and we, being a systems integrator, are actively developing this trend, improving expertise and competences for their promotion on the market, says Valery Volobuev, Head of "Industrial Automation" Division of I.T. Co. Infrastructural Solutions Department. – Besides measurable profit from implementation of the monitoring system in the office building and corporate DPC, our specialists obtained invaluable experience of deployment and adjustment of a complex solution which we are already transferring to our customers. Thus, in 2011 we realized the projects aimed at creation of automated systems of dispatch control in a number of operator class DPCs, including for departmental structures. Moreover, this experience helped to create a situational energy efficiency system of a large Russian higher educational institution, a complex system of technological accounting of industrial enterprise energy resources in Novosibirsk".

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