Business Logics 2.0 will help determine the level of maturity


Business Logics 2.0 will help determine the level of maturity
The company Business Logics 2.0 (I.T. Group) it marketing a new service which allows determining the level of company development in ECM sphere and the strategy of further development in the sphere of corporate content management.

The methodology of evaluating the level of company maturity in the sphere of corporate content management was developed by Gartner and adapted for the Russian market by Business Logics 2.0. The methodology offers a new approach to determining the degree of company maturity in the sphere of corporate content management and the use of ECM instruments.

According to the methodology, there are 6 degrees of maturity: From absence of any system and strategy (zero level) to the optimized ECM system (fifth level). Each level has precise criteria and particular recommendations as to further steps of developing the system of corporate content management.

Before determining the level of the company’s ECM maturity, it is necessary to evaluate such criteria as compliance of the system with business goals, its integration with critical business processes, the state of the existing IT infrastructure and the relation of ECM system with it.

Having received the evaluation of the company’s ECM maturity level, its management has a possibility to make up an optimal plan of ECM activity development: further events, necessary technologies and required budget.

“Very often companies underestimate the significance of correct ECM solution implementation project organization,” comments Georgy Podbutsky, Director of ECM Practice in Business Logics 2.0. “Meanwhile, investments in the corporate content management project are strategic investments which may help the company cut expenses, ensure flexibility and avoid shortage of information.”

“Determining the company’s place on the map of ECM maturity is an important and necessary task,” notes Maria Kamennova, General Director of Business Logics 2.0. “Present-day market is characterized by extreme mobility. It is undergoing some changes all the time: we see the appearance of new companies and new conditions for conducting business. The main condition of company survival in such circumstances is the ability to quickly react to external and internal changes. It is impossible to guarantee quick and adequate reaction without present-day IT and, in particular, a corporate ECM system. But the corporate management should have a clear understanding of how developed and efficient the system is, have a clear plan of its development and be able to use all ECM technologies to achieve and strengthen the leadership in its sector.”

The new service will be presented at the forum “Mission Possible 2012” which will take place on June 20 in Moscow.

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