Through I.T. the system of a building monitoring and intellectual management was created in MSUCE


Through I.T. the system of a building monitoring and intellectual management was created in MSUCE
I.T. Co. took part in creation in the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering of a hardware and software complex for solution of research, educational and practical tasks on monitoring and intellectual management of energy resources consumption in modern buildings. The MSUCE five-floor educational and laboratory building in the area of 12.5 thousand sq.m. became the operating platform in the field of power efficiency and energy saving, created on the basis of a higher education institution.

The National Research University “Moscow State University of Civil Engineering” (NRU MSUCE) is the leading Russian higher education institution in the field of construction education. MSUCE creates technical, technological and standard and legal base in the field of intellectual automation of buildings, constructions and complexes of all levels, including active support of implementation of requirements of the Federal Law No. 261-FZ “On energy saving and on the increase of power efficiency …”, develops progressive ideas and technologies of construction projects power supply management.

During the program of the higher education institution development it was decided to create in the MSUCE new educational and laboratory building a modern complex of monitoring and intellectual management of building energy resources consumption systems which would allow technical and technological expansion of the information infrastructure and the original design and test scientific and educational platform of laboratory of intellectual systems, technologies and automatic equipment in construction. It was planned to involve this complex in researches and the educational process for creation, analysis and practical application of intellectual power consumption control systems techniques on the models of objects and processes, work of life support systems of buildings.

Following the results of the open tender I.T. Co. which had already successfully approved itself on pilot projects of power efficiency, including in MSUCE, was chosen as the performer of the important part of works on the complex creation. At presentation of the specification I.T. experts provided the expert assessment of technical, economic and social feasibility of equipment of facilities by the building automation system. Besides, I.T. and NRU MSUCE have been cooperating for years in the field of fundamental and applied scientific researches. In 2008 the specialized science chair “Intellectual Systems of Automatic Equipment and Management” (ISAEM) for preparation and retraining of experts in the field of creation and operation of “smart buildings” and BMS systems was opened on the basis of MSUCE. Within ISAEM educational laboratories and classes equipped with the modern equipment of automation, scheduling, modeling of BMS systems have been created.

On the basis of the equipment and software of the domestic and foreign companies (Janitza Electronics, Beckhoff, ICP DAS, Esylux, Carat, Oventrop, Wonderware, Keepware, etc.), and also developments of the corporate chair, they created a modern automated system of monitoring and intellectual management of energy resources consumption, including the following subsystems:
  • the information collection subsystem about quality and electricity consumption parameters on the main inputs, distributive, storeyed distribution switchboards of power supply
  • the subsystem of intellectual automatic light control of rooms (audience, chair) and corridors, integrated with the subsystem of the technical recording of power use
  • the subsystem of climatic parameters, heat consumption monitoring and optimum control of the heat supply of rooms in a building
  • the subsystem of cold and hot water consumption recording
  • the uniform system technological network
  • the situational center of power efficiency of the university, remote automated workplaces of the chief power engineer and technological experts
  • educational and laboratory complexes
In the building about 100 control, management and record cabinets were installed with control and measuring equipment, measuring current and voltage transformers, local panel touch screens, control equipment. Heat meters, noise, presence, light level, temperature detectors are installed on the engineering networks and in the rooms. As a whole the control and monitoring system covers 70 educational and laboratory audiences, chairs, corridors and halls. All arriving information about subsystems status, data on energy resources consumption is collected and analyzed in real time in the situational center of power efficiency of MSUCE.

For solution of analytical tasks in the higher education institution for the first time in Russia the analytical system of power efficiency CEM (Corporate Energy Management) constructed on the basis of SCADA Intouch of the American Corporation Invensys Wonderware and intended for systems of industrial automation, visualization, management of technological processes and supervisory control has been introduced. The SCADA-system is integrated with the intellectual system of energy resources recording developed by partners and allows to supervise hundreds of parameters in real time, to archive information, to make schedules and reports. The information is kept and processed on two redundant servers and displayed on the 1.5 m diagonal LED screen. In the switch rooms touch panels displaying technological information on the quality and current parameters of consumption and work of power supply systems are installed.

Andrey Anatolyevich Volkov, the vice rector, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, the research supervisor of the Center of Information Systems and Intellectual Automatic Equipment in Construction said that “Modern buildings as the main consumers of energy resources should have in their territory advanced automatic equipment which in real time supervises all necessary parameters and supports comfortable conditions, including power efficiency of a building. − Creating such a facility on the basis of the latest technologies, we aimed at constructing in our higher education institution the practical expert center in the field of smart buildings and power efficiency. I think we have managed to do this. The introduced automatic control system of a building is capable to save today from 15 to 35 % of consumed energy resources. For example, apart from 30 % of economy on lighting, the feature of the project is the noticeably low cost of operation of a building as a whole that reduces the insurance project cost and increases the reliability of engineering systems”.

National Research University “Moscow State University of Civil Engineering” (NRU MSUCE) is the federal public budgetary educational institution of higher education, the leading higher education institution of a construction profile on the former Soviet Union with long-term academic and scientific traditions, the modern research and educational center which is actively participating in development and formation of professional and intellectual potential of Russia. In MSUCE innovative technologies of the organization of educational and scientific activity for preparation of modern engineers, scientists and experts, creation of the knowledge-intensive production and transfer of new technologies in construction have been created and introduced.
As a part of MSUCE 6 institutes, more than 60 chairs which are carrying out training of specialists on a wide range of specialties and specializations are working. There are more than 30 specialized scientific laboratories; more than 50 innovative structures carry out scientific and venture developments in the field of designing and construction of safe and comfortable buildings, constructions and complexes representing the innovative environment of generation of new knowledge of the construction branch. For more information about the higher education institution, please visit the website    

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