I.T. Co. Retrofits MGSU Assembly Hall


I.T. Co. Retrofits MGSU Assembly Hall
I.T. Co. completed equipping of the assembly hall in the State Moscow University of Civil Engineering. Multimedia, lighting and stage equipment systems in the upgraded hall are designed for hosting academic and creative events of the Institute on state-of-the-art level. As a strategic University partner, I.T. provided financial support for hall retrofitting.

National Research University “Moscow State University of Civil Engineering” (NIU MGSU) is a major Russian Institute within the sphere of civil engineering education. In autumn 2011, the University management decided to reconstruct the assembly hall with creating a multifunctional facility equipped with modern infrastructure for hosting academic and creative student events.

The project for the retrofitting of technical equipment in the hall was implemented by I.T. Co., which has long efficient relationship with MGSU. It was planned to combine functions of cinema, concert and conference halls, as it would allow for the efficient use of the facility to host research conferences, official meetings, recitals, concerts of the invited musicians, and KVN team performances.

The project was completed for three months. For this period, I.T. specialists had performed pre-design survey, developed hall design project, designed engineering system, prepared and installed technical solution, including multimedia complex, lighting system and stage equipment control system.

High quality video broadcasting for all visitors in the hall having a shape of amphitheatre was ensured by installing a professional screen with a total area of 105 sq.m, where visual information from operator’s computer, guest laptop, CD/DVD, and media players is displayed by Christie projector.

A complex sound amplification system was designed and installed, including floor and wall Yamaha and Cadenbach Acoustics, special devices were used to reduce noise and echo effect for high-quality sound transmission. Sound digital processing on the basis of Symetrix audio platform allowed for high quality and noiseproof audio signals. Wireless Televic Confidea conference system, integrated with all multimedia complex elements, provides participants' speech sound amplification, including the use of external sound system. Technological television feature with automatic focusing on the speaker was implemented.

Integrated control system on the basis of CUE equipment was introduced, which enables remote control over all devices via three control circuits to achieve maximum comfort in multimedia complex operation.

Moreover, I.T. specialists equipped the conference hall with high-tech lighting system and stage structures control system. One of the most challenging tasks was the installation of lighting structures (three farms of 14 meters long with projectors and lamps of 450 kg each) in the hall under the ceiling at height of 10 meters. It required innovative engineering solution enabling accurate calculation of fixing points based on load and reliable fixture of the equipment.

Special control panel was installed to set various affects, such as lighting, colour solutions, etc, for efficient control over more than 200 various lamps and filters. Motorized curtain control system allows for easy and quick background change on the stage.

Equipping of MGSU assembly hall with modern multimedia, lighting and stage equipment enabled to increase the level of various public events and achieve the required spectacular effects.

The advanced technical devices installed in the conference hall allow for the Institute representatives to easily work with the visual data, listen to the speeches, hold discussions in a comfortable mode, host shows and recitals with the invited guests. The retrofitted hall is now able to provide the participants with various technical options to host bright events.

National Research University “Moscow State University of Civil Engineering” (NRU MSUCE) is the federal public budgetary educational institution of higher education, the leading higher education institution of a construction profile on the former Soviet Union with long-term academic and scientific traditions, the modern research and educational center which is actively participating in development and formation of professional and intellectual potential of Russia. In MSUCE innovative technologies of the organization of educational and scientific activity for preparation of modern engineers, scientists and experts, creation of the knowledge-intensive production and transfer of new technologies in construction have been created and introduced.
As a part of MSUCE 6 institutes, more than 60 chairs which are carrying out training of specialists on a wide range of specialties and specializations are working. There are more than 30 specialized scientific laboratories; more than 50 innovative structures carry out scientific and venture developments in the field of designing and construction of safe and comfortable buildings, constructions and complexes representing the innovative environment of generation of new knowledge of the construction branch. For more information about the higher education institution, please visit the website  

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