Network infrastructure from I.T. Co. for Moscow polyclinics


Network infrastructure from I.T. Co. for Moscow polyclinics
I.T. Co. has performed work on creation of a cable systems complex in 240 medical establishments in 6 administrative districts of Moscow. The amount of state contracts was more than 73 mln rubles.

Within the framework of a major project on modernization of all levels of Moscow health care, the Moscow Department of Health determined a top-priority task on creation of a single information analysis system of Moscow which is planned to go live till the end of 2012.

For a successful launch of the medical information system it is necessary to provide network infrastructure of the facilities included in the modernization project. According to the results of Internet auctions, I.T. Co. got a right to provide equipment for almost a half of Moscow's polyclinics.

I.T. Co. specialists performed work on creation of a complex of cable systems in the city polyclinics, child health centers, and other Moscow medical establishments. In total, the work was performed in 240 medical and preventive treatment facilities in the Eastern, Northern, South-Eastern, North-Eastern, North-Western, and Central administrative districts of Moscow. I.T. Co. specialists within 25 days (as agreed in the state contract) performed work on creation of structured cable systems and power-supply systems in these medical establishments.

The peculiarity of this project was the fact that the work on creation of the systems did not have to lead to interruption of everyday activities of the establishments treating and servicing the population. Moreover, some groups of medical and preventive treatment facilities had buildings with unconventional architecture which made the work more difficult. That is why for the execution of the project at a high level I.T. Co. specialists implemented the procedures of the work arrangement aimed to comply with the required terms, ensure the appropriate quality of implementation and not interrupt usual hours of operation of polyclinic establishments.

Within the framework of the project, more than 11 thousand ports were installed and dozens of thousands SCS cables and plastic cable channels were laid. The cable system complex created by I.T. Co. is a physical basis for implementation of the medical information system.

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The Moscow Department of Health is an industry executive agency performing administrative-regulatory functions in relation to agencies, establishments, organizations, and enterprises for health care, pharmaceutical institutions within the jurisdiction of the Moscow City Government, and the system administration within the power given by the Moscow City Government.

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