The test and evaluation module of the BOSS-Kadrovik system has been deployed in I.T.


The test and evaluation module of the BOSS-Kadrovik system has been deployed in I.T.
BOSS. HR Systems has completed the project on the implementation of a software module, created on the basis of the BOSS-Kadrovik system and intended for testing and evaluation of staff, in I.T. Co. - a large Russian system integrator.

The personnel evaluation system was developed in the company a long time ago and it is constantly evolving, but until now there was no such a tool allowing to carry out an assessment of personnel of departments of all sizes with a variety of methods and receive diversified analytics from a single interface. The first comprehensive assessment of employees using the new solution was held at I.T. this spring.

"For us the main result and the most valuable effect of the new module introduction in the reduction of time and effort to assess and analyze the data. Business objectives and needs are changing very rapidly, and all HR processes, including the assessment, shall be sufficiently flexible. This is what a successful automation allows you to reach, - said Maria Davletshina, director of I.T. personnel recruitment and development. - In BOSS. HR Systems company we have found a reliable partner to carry out further development of our organization's HRM-system. The next next stage is the automation of development, distribution and accounting of individual staff development plans. In the course of the project, the specialists of BOSS. HR Systems finished the BOSS-Kadrovik module for software testing and evaluation of HRM-system staff taking into account all the features of the methodology and approaches to the assessment employed in I.T.

With the introduction of this solution the Office of Human Resources of I.T. Co. has acquired a tool that allows to quickly carry out all the stages of evaluation, including the establishment and improvement of competence models or other valuation tools, planning and conducting the assessment procedures, processing and analyzing data, as well as making decisions on their basis in a single interface.

A well-built system of personnel evaluation allows to improve the quality of management decisions related to the identification of personnel reserve and high-potential employees, succession planning, professional development and career advancement, as well as motivation and productivity increase.

The "Testing and evaluation of personnel" software module makes it possible to carry out mass assessment procedures in the short term, reduce labor costs for the collection and processing of data, build a variety of analytical reports on the results of the evaluation. It also allows using various methods for personnel assessment: "360 degrees", survey, testing and others. The system interface is based on HTML + CSS + JavaScript web technologies. The solution includes automated workplace (APM) System Manager (HR Manager) and ARM personnel. In the future BOSS. HR Systems company plans to offer testing and assessment module as a typical "box" solution that helps saving.

About BOSS. HR Systems
BOSS. HR Systems Co. is a leading Russian producer of enterprise and organization management information systems. The company produces both final products and platform solutions for third-party developers. Creation of HR management enterprise analysis information systems based on the in-house flag product — BOSS-Kadrovik — is the company's major business area and key competency.
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