Aplana Development Center has upgraded MigKredit loan pipeline


Aplana Development Center has upgraded MigKredit loan pipeline
MigKredit company and Aplana Development Center (IT Group) completed the project on modernization of the automated loan pipeline based on the integration solution implemented by Aplana Development Center on the basis of JBoss Fuse and JBoss BPM Suite open source platforms.

For MigKredit customers the important results of the project implementation are the new services available through the company's official website (www.migcredit.ru), such as:
  • obtaining a decision on the loan without visiting the office. It requires three simple steps from the client: completing the online application form, signing the loan agreement with EDS (via SMS message) and getting the decision on the possibility of obtaining a loan in real time;
  • receiving the loan through one of the payment systems, to a bank account or a bank card.
"The introduction of the service of obtaining a loan without the obligatory visit to the office of the company is aimed at scaling business MigKredit business in the regions of Russia and at the development of a unique hybrid business model – said Laura Fainzilberg, General Director, MigKredit MFO Chairman of the Board of Directors. – The new service is available practically throughout Russia and will allow us to scale the business by 2 times in 2016. We are planning to take a new market segment with a focus on short-term crediting, while maintaining profitability and efficiency of our offline business. The customer service network has been expanded with 33 new regions.
It is worth mentioning that the service of providing loans without a visit to the office as mainly addressed at young audience moving with the time and used to solve their daily problems remotely. An important factor and driver of the project's success are the rates on loans, which are lower than the average." 

A reliable and efficient functioning of the credit pipeline is also provided by the following set of activities performed by MigKredit and Aplana Development Center:
  • optimization and standardization of the credit line information flows within the processes of issuance, redemption and daily maintenance of loans;
  • modernization of the existing loan conveyor components and monitoring integration solution configuration that allows the maintenance service to quickly identify and resolve problem situations;
  • organization of the maintenance service of the integration solution of Aplana Development Center ", working almost non-stop and resolving any problematic situations as soon as possible.

"We welcome the results of the Aplana Development Center for the past 2015. Together our teams were able to timely provide new online services for our customers and significantly improve the reliability of the automated loan pipeline. Since April 2016, we extended the contract with the Aplana Development Center for the provision of services to support and develop our integration process," - said Margarita Denisenko, Deputy Director General for the MigKredit MFO operations.

Michail Makedonsky, CEO of Aplana Development Center: "We are actively developing the division of the development and maintenance of information systems based on open source software. In particular, freely available JBoss software products used within this project, hold a key position in our portfolio of solutions that we offer to our customers. Along with the development team we have created a service of highly qualified system engineers, who provide services for remote support of different software on customers' test and production infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." 

MigKredit company (www.migcredit.ru) belongs to the top three leaders of the microfinance market. The company operates throughout Russia. National Rating Agency has assigned a credit rating of "AA" to the company. So far MigKredit has financed over 470,000 loans totaling to more than 13 billion rubles. For more information please visit the website: https://migcredit.ru/

Aplana Development Center (part of I.T. Group) was established in 2011 on the basis of Aplana Software outsource unit working for large and medium-sized Russian companies. Aplana DC implements comprehensive solutions for outsource development, construction and modernization of corporate information systems, development and implementation of business applications, creation of integration and analytical systems. The company started its operation in 2001, when Aplana Software company was formed. The company employs about two hundred highly qualified specialists in several production offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Perm, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk. For more information please visit the website: http://www.aplanadc.ru/

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