Mobile data center from I.T. for Novomoskovsky Azot


Mobile data center from I.T. for Novomoskovsky Azot
I.T. Co. has completed a project of creating a mobile data center (MDC) for Novomoskovsk Joint Stock Company Azot (NAK Azot). The customized solution for the creation of mobile complex of information and engineering systems, aimed at maintaining the specified parameters of the interior space environment, as well as the control and monitoring of the created infrastructure has been created for the customer.

The mobile data center has been chosen for several reasons: savings on capital construction, reducing the costs of the creation of engineering infrastructure and time of deployment, high availability and security, the possibility of further displacement and scaling. 

The mobile data center from I.T. ensures an uninterrupted battery life, and is developed in accordance with the requirements of safety and protection from the environment. It consists of a set of hardware and software means for receiving, storing, processing and transmitting information: servers, engineering systems, network equipment, security systems, etc. In addition, mobile data center dimensions allow its transportation on public roads if necessary, without having to obtain any additional permits.

Prototyping, delivery and installation works have been carried out in one year, in December 2015 the MDC has been accepted for commercial operation.

Novomoskovsk Joint Stock Company Azot JSC is part of the holding Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem. It is one of the largest chemical enterprises of Russia, the second producer of nitrogen fertilizers and ammonia in terms of production volumes in Russia. NAK Azot's vertically integrated business model covers production of raw materials (minerals and natural gas), production, logistics infrastructure and distribution network. The company owns deposits of raw materials and hydrocarbons, production and storage facilities, processing plants, the fleet of railway rolling stock, port facilities, and ships.

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