Decathlon company has adopted BOSS-Kadrovik payroll system


Decathlon company has adopted BOSS-Kadrovik payroll system
The project of automation of payroll based on BOSS-Kadrovik system in the international trade and production company Decathlon has been completed.

Decathlon company has been using BOSS-Kadrovik developed by JSC "BOSS. HR Systems" since 2007. Until recently, the system was used for HR records and documents management, organizational prototyping and time track, and the payroll was carried out by an outsourcing company in its own program. Exchange of data between the two systems for payroll purposes had a number of significant drawbacks. In addition, the presence of the two systems often complicated the process of obtaining simple operational information on Decathlon employees wages. For the combination of reasons Decathlon has decided to transfer the payroll to the BOSS-Kadrovik system.

Today BOSS-Kadrovik functions as a cloud service. Besides the experts of "Decathlon" access to the system is also granted to the consultants of "BOSS. HR Systems ", performing the functions of the first support line. In addition, representatives of the outsource company, as always, provide payroll, but now on the basis of BOSS-Kadrovik software tool.

"The first payroll in BOSS-Kadrovik is completed. It was successful from the beginning, wages for all employees have been calculated correctly, and most importantly, in the regulated time. I want to thank all the participants for the great and thorough work done together on this project. Its realization was made possible thanks to the close trilateral cooperation of all teams: demands to each other, competence and close cooperation helped to complete this project, "- says Olga Mashko, Project Manager from Decathlon. 

About Decathlon
Established in France (Lille), Decathlon company aims to provide beginners, amateurs and professionals with a complete spectrum of products for any sport, literally from "A" to "Z", at an affordable price. For almost 40 years Decathlon has been helping adults and children to lead an active life. Today, more than 1025 Decathlon stores are opened in 26 countries around the world. The company is present in Russia since 2006, it has opened 39 stores in 20 cities. 
For more information please visit the website: http://www.decathlon.ru/

About BOSS. HR Systems
BOSS. HR Systems Co. is a leading Russian producer of enterprise and organization management information systems. The company produces both final products and platform solutions for third-party developers. Creation of HR management enterprise analysis information systems based on the in-house flag product — BOSS-Kadrovik — is the company's major business area and key competency.
For more information please visit the website: http://www.bosshr.ru/

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