I.T. Smart Systems automated Faberliс's production warehouse of finished products


I.T. Smart Systems automated Faberliс's production warehouse of finished products
I.T. Smart Systems and Faberlic continue their cooperation in the field of warehouse capacities automation. The next stage of development was the introduction of a warehouse management system (WMS) on the Faberlic's warehouse for finished products, located in the company's industrial complex in Biryulyovo. From there products are shipped to the base warehouse in Domodedovo and a distribution warehouse for the Moscow region. 

At the beginning of the project the warehouse was working on the modified WMS-module of Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP-system. The warehouse stock is represented by three product groups, each is produced on a separate facility: oxygen cosmetics, decorative cosmetics and household chemicals. This site had a number of features that had to be taken into account in the implementation of the new system:
  • storage and production are located on different floors, products are carried between floors on the elevator running on schedule
  • presence of quarantine batches (in laboratory testing)
  • limited area of buffer zones for quarantine batches
  • accounting and shipping is carried out in full pallets

Traditionally, quarantine batches were placed in buffer zones directly in production facilities in front of the elevator (quarantine warehouses), where they were waiting for laboratory tests results, and then moved to the warehouse. The same buffer zones were used to provide production with necessary materials, which caused considerable inconvenience because of the limited storage space, as well as the capacity and availability of the elevator. Thus, the main objective of the project was to automate batch accounting and quarantine control processes.

I.T. Smart systems suggested a solution for the additional development of the TopLog WMS WMS-system configuration based on 1C: Enterprise 8.2, successfully implemented earlier on the Faberlic's base warehouse. The project in the warehouse in Biryulyovo has implemented the possibility to program the blocking of the products coming to the warehouse until the quarantine ending confirmation that allowed to moves the goods immediately to the main warehouse, bypassing the buffer zone. The only action permitted by the system for such batches is to move them to a particular cell for storage. Each pallet is assigned a unique bar code which eliminates unauthorized actions with quarantine pallets: the system issues a warning about the quarantine when scanning a bar code. After entering the confirmation of withdrawal from quarantine the WMS-system automatically puts such batches to the general waiting list for shipment.

Currently, the finished goods warehouse handles an average of 250 pallets per day, during peak periods – up to 400. The possibility of shipping batches on FEFO method (First Expire, First Out) has been implemented. Acceptance of goods is carried out around the clock, shipping – twice a day. 

The introduction of a single WMS-system has made it possible to implement the automatic generation of documents for geographically distributed warehouses of the company: when finished goods are shipped from a warehouse the warehouse personnel at the base in Domodedovo is appointed an acceptance task. When scanning a pallet on data collection terminal the corresponding task is opened.

In the future Faberlic is planning to implement the WMS-system on the regional distribution warehouses. The company expects that the unified information space will significantly improve the quality of task management and optimize the logistics in general.

About Faberlic 
Faberlic is the largest Russian company in the market of direct sales, the producer of unique patented oxygen cosmetics. The range of Faberlic products also includes the whole range of skin and hair care products, exclusive French perfumes, makeup, household and health products, children's clothing. In 2003, the company entered the international market, today Faberlic representative offices operate in 24 countries. More than 700,000 consultants work with us in Europe and Asia. About 5 million consumers enjoy Faberlic products every day. The company produces more than 1,000 types of products, has 30 patents and is included in the TOP-100 cosmetic companies. Faberlic has its own production based on the European quality standards and equipped with the most advanced and environmentally friendly equipment, automated lines for production, packing and packaging of cosmetic products. Faberlic factory is one of the largest Russian cosmetic companies in terms of potential capacity and scale of production space. 
For more information please visit the website: https://faberlic.com/

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