I.T. Smart systems Co. has optimized the work of 15 warehouses of Soyuzsnab GC industrial complex


I.T. Smart systems Co. has optimized the work of 15 warehouses of Soyuzsnab GC industrial complex
I.T. Smart systems Co. has implemented a WMS-system on the Soyuzsnab holding manufacturing complex. A single virtual warehouse combining data from 15 physical warehouses has been created within the project.

Soyuzsnab Group of companies is the leader on the Russian market of ingredients for all sectors of the food industry. Soyuzsnab manufacturing complex warehouses process more than 400 tons of products per day; the range includes more than 4,000 items of their own products. Warehouses are fully updated about once a month. 

I.T. Smart Systems specialists have faced a difficult task of automating 15 warehouses with different storage methods distributed over the territory of the industrial complex. The limited storage space has meant that most of the warehouses were equipped with packed racks, work was carried out only on paper technology. When placing the goods are distributed on the warehouses according to the categories: microclimate on warehouse, stocks of raw materials and finished products, the compatibility of the storage of raw materials etc., at the same time several batches could have been placed on the same pallet or a rack cell. 

Distribution of raw materials for production sites and individual parameters of finished products meeting specific customer process requirements have led to the urgent need for continuous batch accounting. The existing corporate information system (CIS) did not allow for such an accounting in full.

Soyuzsnab top management took a decision to implement a WMS-system without changing the topology and business processes of warehouses. During the project implementation all warehouses were combined into a single virtual warehouse to ensure a maximum compatibility with CIS, while taking into account each physical site as an area of this virtual storage. This approach allowed to minimize the amount of data to be exchanged between CIS and WMS-system, and to have up-to-date data on the state of the warehouse in real time. Systems only exchange information about the arrival and shipment of the goods on the virtual warehouse. Information about the movement of goods within the warehouse (on physical warehouses) is processed by the WMS-system.

Currently, the control system is implemented in all warehouses, operations on acceptance, placement and movement of goods are carried out using barcodes, selection and shipping - through paper technology. In order to shift all work processes to data collection terminals in the future the labeling of produced goods by labels with bar codes has been introduced. The WMS is also planed to be implemented in the regional warehouses of the company.

"Of course, it's too early to talk about the results, we have just started to work with a new technology, but positive changes can already be seen. For example, the time required for inventory tracking has reduced by 2 times, misgrading has been reduced and, in my opinion, these figures will only improve in the future. Currently we are accumulating statistics and monitoring key points and in 2-3 months we are planning to confirm the improvement of the efficiency of the warehouse complex by concrete figures ", - said Andrei Novitsky, Head of Soyuzsnab Warehouses Service.

About Soyuzsnab group of companies
Soyuzsnab is the leader on the Russian market of ingredients for all sectors of the food industry. The group of companies supplies components from leading manufacturers in Europe, USA, South America, Southeast Asia. The holding structure includes its own industrial complex Green Lines offering all major types of ingredients used in the modern food industry.
For more information please visit the website: http://www.ssnab.ru/

About I.T. Smart Systems
I.T. Smart systems Co. (part of I.T. Group) is occupied in the development and implementation of software and hardware solutions, as well as the provision of consulting services for a variety of industries and business sectors. The company has successfully completed more than 200 projects of different scale and level of complexity in Russia and other countries. One of the main activities of I.T. Smart Systems is the automation of production and logistics processes. 
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