I.T. Co. continues to publish essays on the history of the domestic IT


I.T. Co. continues to publish essays on the history of the domestic IT
On the New Year's Eve I.T. Group released the second edition of "Pages of history of domestic IT", a non-profit project, implemented in partnership with the Virtual Computer Museum and Alpina Publisher publishing house. The book is addressed to a wide range of readers who are interested in the history of national science and computer technology, as well as IT professionals, university students and postgraduates of relevant specialties.

The second volume of "Pages of history of domestic IT" is a logical conclusion of a large-scale excursion into the history of domestic electronic computers of the 1940-1980s launched a year ago. The new book fully preserves the structure of the first volume and contains biographies of 28 outstanding scientists, engineers and designers. It contains a detailed description of more than a dozen families of computers; the example of studying the aerodynamics of the aircraft shows how computers had provided a quantum leap in solving complex technical and organizational tasks. The book is traditionally finished with "Computer Events Calendar" section showing the chronology of new developments in our country, the most significant of which are reflected on the end leaf of the edition.
According to the authors, the two-volume "History pages of domestic IT" should inspire a new generation of Russian scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, creating tomorrow for not only Russian, but also the global IT industry.

"When in 2014 we decided to publish a book about the history of information technology in our country, about the Soviet period of its development, we didn't even expect that her appearance would cause such a strong interest among those who are most directly related to the IT of the XXI century, – said Tagir Yapparov, I.T Group chairman of the board of directors. – After the publication of the first volume we received dozens of responses from readers who have convinced us that today there is a great interest in the history of national science and technology, to thoroughly forgotten in the last decades significant, sometimes unique developments and ideas of Soviet scientists in the field of computer science and computer engineering. This prompted us to release the second volume of "Pages of history of domestic IT", which succeeded to partially compensate for the historical "gaps" that remained after the first book. 

"The history of domestic computer technology is so rich in both famous, and unfortunately, little-known events that it is completely unrealistic to fit it even in two volumes. Thousands of people had taken part in forming this industry, the memory of their work, creative and worth of imitation personalities is something we really want to save. That's the mission of the Virtual Computer Museum, and we invite you, dear readers, to cooperate – said Eduard Proydakov, director of the museum.

You can find the electronic version of the first and second volume of "Pages of history of domestic IT" on the I.T. website in Books section.

About Virtual Computer Museum
Virtual Computer Museum is a non-commercial culturological project open to public. The project united veterans of homeland IT and, due to their efforts, became the largest museum in Russia and earned worldwide renown. Plentiful collection of Virtual Computer Museum includes numerous pieces, from pre-computer era calculations to modern computers. Exhibitions cover history of computation in USSR and abroad, history of software, history of computer games and much more.
For more information please visit the website: http://www.computer-museum.ru/

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