MobilityLab Presents New Edition of WorksPad for Service Providers


MobilityLab Presents New Edition of WorksPad for Service Providers
MobilityLab has launched a new version of its popular product WorksPad.

WorksPad for Service Providers is intended for service providers who have joined the Microsoft COSN (Cloud OS Network) initiative to offer world-class cloud services out of data centers based on Microsoft products (Exchange, SharePoint, and others).

WorksPad for Service Providers is a multi-tenant cloud version of WorksPad. WorksPad for Service Providers conforms to the strict information security requirements that call for total isolation of client companies’ settings and information processed at data centers.

With WorksPad for Service Providers, service providers can:
  • Offer a new value-added service to the existing customers
  • Launch a unique package that includes an enterprise-class mail solution, file storage, Office applications in one mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Provide an access to cloud services as well as to enterprise resources deployed on customer’s corporate infrastructure to the customers’ mobile employees.
This will not only boost the productivity of service provider clientsstaff by enabling them to work efficiently while on their mobile devices but will also enhance the enterprise security.

Dmitry Khalin, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Russia:
“We are happy to congratulate MobilityLab on the launch of the new edition of WorksPad. WorksPad for Service Providers is a cooperation product of our partners: a young company discovered through the Microsoft BizSpark program and service providers that joined the Microsoft COSN Russia initiative. As an ecosystem player, we want to see the business of Russian IT companies, much like the IT market in general, grow and prosper, and we are doing everything we can to achive that. We are proud that we have been able to help our partners again this time. I am certain that WorksPad has a big future both in Russia and overseas.”

Oksana Novitskaya, Director of Development, Oblakoteka:
“We have seen the productivity boost of mobile users for corporate mail and document daily work for ourselves. WorksPad for Service Providers deployed by Oblakoteka meets the high level of requirements for cloud service providers and will be available to our customers already this month.”

Sergey Orlik, CEO, MobilityLab:
“WorksPad for Service Providers is designed specifically for creating a scalable and highly-reliable infrastructure for work in cloud and hybrid environments. The WorksPad cloud service offered by our partner service providers makes all of the unique mobility features available to the widest range of customers from small and medium businesses to the largest companies and organizations looking for optimization of spending on their owninfrastructure.”

About MobilityLab
MobilityLab, part of IT Group, was established in 2011 as a center for research, development, and commercialization of Enterprise Mobile Workplace technologies for modern mobile devices. In 2012, MobilityLab earned status as a Skolkovo resident in the IT cluster of this innovation-driven project. In 2015, WorksPad appeared on the BEST 2015 SOFT list of PC Magazine/RE.

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