I.T. Smart Systems automates Faberlic's main distribution center


I.T. Smart Systems automates Faberlic's main distribution center
Faberlic has summed up first results of the control automation project for its main distribution center, delivered by I.T. Smart Systems, a member of I.T. Group. The notable deliverables include significantly reduced full-time personnel, improved product acceptance and shipment performance, and mitigated human factor in decision-making related to any stock operations.

In order to ensure a high pace of business development and enhance requirements for its logistics services and efficiency, Faberlic's management made a decision to replace the existing improved WMS ERP module of the Microsoft Dynamics AX system with a new system featuring a higher level of automation in warehouse logistics management.

I.T. Smart Systems was offered to become a partner in business processes optimization and automation, as it demonstrated a system approach to such sophisticated tasks. TopLog WMS, a warehouse management system based on 1C:Enterprise 8.0, was proposed as an automation programming platform by the project contractor. The key factor to opt for this system was the unique expertise in its implementation and operation in a high-intensity distribution center, with comprehensive real-time planning and management capabilities for over 300 employees using electronic jobs and voice technologies.

To ensure efficient installation, I.T. Smart Systems provided an integrated business-process description and optimization, as well as designed further improvements for TopLog WMS to bring the system in line with the upgraded business processes and the customer's needs. The technology was designed based on the preliminary analysis of warehouse business processes, carried out by an independent expert. The design work, TopLog WMS improvement and implementation were delivered by the engineers at I.T. Smart Systems.

The implemented technology features:
  • Uses several totally different acceptance methods for various item groups of commodities, and includes a trusted acceptance functionality of finished products from remote warehouses at production facilities
  • Offers multiple cargo handling strategies at different warehouse sections, ranging from a palletized storage area to a mezzanine handling of itemized products. Supports the entire process chain for both labelled and unlabelled commodities
  • Has an efficient solution in place to keep records of commodity packaging groups and plan warehouse operations, given that suppliers often change package inclusions
  • Enables adaptable order collection and picking to meet a wide array of customer requirements
  • Ensures consolidation of picked orders. Supports shipments of a part of an order immediately from storage areas to optimize stock movements

The system has been commissioned in February 2015. Today, the TopLog WMS system manages warehouse operations at the area of 17,400 sq.m. The number of active SKUs exceeds 15 thousands.

The main deliverables under the project are now as follows:
  • A special tool introduced to manage the work of part-time personnel, which has ensured efficient management of the number of part-time employees and targeted speed and precision for cargo handling in peak workloads
  • Improved quality of product acceptance and shipment (with the error rate within 0.01%)
  • Planning and management functions for formalized processes, performed exclusively by the warehouse real time management system
  • The human factor eliminated from decision-making processes related to any handling operations
  • New inventory groups can now be promptly added without affecting handling quality or speed
  • Better handling of batched commodities. Control and tracking of shipments along the entire logistics chain
  • Real time analytic information on stock movements and personnel KPIs at warehouse facilities

With the project's success and high performance, Faberlic and I.T. Smart Systems have decided to continue their cooperation. At present, the IT Company is developing a large-scale solution for Faberlic's network of regional distribution centers.

About Faberlic
Faberlic is a major company in the Russian direct sales market and a manufacturer of unique patented oxygen cosmetics. Faberlic's product range encompasses a plethora of skincare and haircare products, exclusive French perfume, makeup, household and health care products, and children's clothes. In 2003, the Company came onto the international market, and is currently operating representative offices in 24 countries. We have more than 700 thousand Sales Consultants in Europe and Asia. About 5 million consumers enjoy Faberlic products every day. The company offers over 1,000 different lines, holds 30 patents and is ranked among top 100 WWD Beauty Report International Cosmetic Companies. Faberlic runs own production unit in compliance with tough European quality standards, fitted with state-of-the-art environment-friendly equipment and automated production, pre-packing and packaging lines for its cosmetics. In terms of the estimated production capacity and shopfloor area, the Faberlic plant is one of Russia's major cosmetic production facilities.
For more information please visit the website: https://faberlic.com/

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