MTS Bank moves to a new version of ARIS 9


MTS Bank moves to a new version of ARIS 9
Logika BPM (I.T. Group), a consulting company, has delivered a project to move MTS Bank’s operations to a new version of ARIS 9 by Software AG. The Bank has become one of the first Russian companies to be able to capitalize on the new capabilities in the ARIS suite to optimize its business processes.

For the past 8 years, MTS Bank’s process office has been actively modeling and optimizing business processes of its various departments using ARIS tools by Software AG.

The new version of ARIS 9 is the first upgrade featuring significant changes in the solution’s architecture since the release of ARIS 7 in 2005. The new version provides access to cutting-edge cloud, mobile and social technologies as well as to innovative analytics. Developers have improved the visual representation in the new ARIS 9 and added new types of business process models. The updated version now can automatically convert EPC models into executable BPMN 2.0 models and in reverse. A new product, ARIS Connect, enables centralized management of users, groups, licenses and product versions.

To support the release, Logika BPM, a strategic partner of Software AG, has developed a service which helps businesses migrate to the new version and which has been made use of by MTS Bank.

As part of the project, which has been delivered within one week, BPM Logic’s experts configured the new version of ARIS, including data migration from previous versions – the models database, reporting scripts and methodological filter. A specific focus has been placed on training users, including sessions in administration of the new version.

“We hope that the new version of ARIS will inspire us to new ‘process achievements’ and our work to optimize business processes will become even more interesting and efficient,” said Yulia Malyshkina, Director of Business Processes Development and Product Description, MTS-Bank.

Open Joint Stock Company MTS-Bank (formerly Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development, JSCB (OJSC)) is a universal commercial bank at the federal level, which ranks among Russia’s largest banks. The institution has been operating since 1993. Its main shareholder is Sistema, JSFC.
MTS Bank offers a complete range of services to individuals, provides end-to-end service to large business customers, small and medium-sized businesses and is an active player in the market of investment services. MTS Bank’s branch network covers 90 localities in more than 42 of Russia’s major regions and has a representative office in Luxembourg (East-West United Bank SA).
General license of the Bank of Russia for banking operations No. 2268 dated 02/13/2012. The Bank has all licenses required to carry out banking activity, as well as participates in the Deposit Insurance Scheme. 
Internet site: www.mtsbank.ru 

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