Mobility Lab announces WorksPad – the next level of secure mobile enterprise operations


Mobility Lab announces WorksPad – the next level of secure mobile enterprise operations
MobliltyLab (I.T. Group), member of Skolkovo innovation incubator's IT cluster, announces the release of a new generation of their flagship application. New functionality makes the solution unique to the market: for the first time in history, one application integrates secure corporate mail, corporate content, calendar and events access and management, as well as meetings functionality. Also the solution was renamed: from now on, the solution previously known as MobileSputnik* will be marketed worldwide as WorksPad.


Today, for those who seek corporate mobility for everyday operations, the general market offers only specialized solutions such as FSS (Enterprise File Sync and Sharing), mail services, office suits etc. Each of these applications deliver only one function. The tendency has its roots in the end user mobile applications market.

MobilityLab had introduced an innovative approach, regarded by international experts as the trend of enterprise mobility in 2015 – transcending from specialized applications to complex multifunctional mobile solutions. WorksPad is an out of the box solution that integrates EFSS, built in office suite and a fully functional mail client with a calendar and corporate contacts. These functions are consolidated into a mobile workspace, with scalable back end infrastructure which, in turn, is integrated into corporate IT and security landscape. Users will no longer be forced to switch between applications to perform simple tasks such as sending and receiving mail, modifying documents, appointing meetings or even sending meeting materials directly to other devices over Wi-Fi. Now, they will have a single application for access to all content and tools in one place, with a consistent and intuitive interface.

Since the early stages of development, MobilityLab was working on consolidation of functionality and delivery of the functions the users are used to in a PC environment. The first version of the application had already been offering secure access to files in a corporate network from tablets and a built-in office suite. This allowed to save time on switching from one application to another to edit a file and to keep the functionality in a secure environment. The file manager itself was able to perform dozens of functions, from downloading, renaming and saving files to a device to archivation and upload.

"Our approach is to give users the same level of comfort they expect from a PC or laptop on a mobile device. We achieve this with our unique interface and highly intuitive navigation, as well as with unprecedented functionality with no equals on the market." – said Sergey Orlik, CEO, MobilityLab.

The new generation is, basically, a new product, as it introduces not only new functionality, but a whole new range of tools for solving daily tasks. To highlight the focus of the integrated application for enterprise, it was decided to give it a new name – WorksPad.

"Every new release of Russian software is a huge event for our IT industry. Even more so when it's about a unique and innovative application, about the perspective market of enterprise mobility, and about the strong team, supported by no other than Tagir Yapparov himself!" – commented Igor Bogachev, Vice President, CEO of IT Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation

Today, MobliltyLab's enterprise mobile workspace is widely used by Russia's largest clients in different fields of business. Financial, extraction and production industries are most active so far, with state institutions showing huge interest as well. At the same time with developing the partnership network in Russia during the past year, MobilityLab had been cooperating with the leaders of mobile market, such as Apple, Citrix, IBM, Samsung, Symantec etc., who now feature the product in their stores and catalogs.

The next step of this ambitious program of international expansion was the creation of a new brand. To carry out these plans, MobilityLab launches development of a global partner network and joint solutions. One of the steps in promotion and international introduction of the brand would be MobilityLab's participation in Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona as a part of the Skolkovo Foundation delegation.

"Perspectives of Russian IT industry, as I see them, rely on development of innovative solutions and technologies that would be able to compete on international markets. These are the projects we invest in." – said Tagir Yapparov, Chairman of the Board, I.T. Group. "In WorksPad case, we've created an extremely interesting product and are now making a huge step – a step to create a global brand, to solidify our presence on Russian and international markets. This task is no less challenging then development of the technology itself."

*MobileSputnik brand and trademark that Russian clients are already familiar with will continue to be used for a special version of the solution that is developed by MobilityLab and I.T. Group for the clients with high requirements to IT security.

**Key features of WorksPad:
• Fully functional file manager 
• Access to shared Windows folders and SharePoint document libraries
• Access to synchronized PC folders (FileBox)
• Username and password based access to unified directory service
• Integrated tools for viewing files of various formats
• Multiscreen interface for work with multiple documents and mail
• Desktop for shortcuts and quick access to favorite documents
• Integrated office suite for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
• Integrated text note editor with advanced keyboard
• ZIP archive management tools
• Corporate mail, calendar and Exchange address book
• Bidirectional file exchange with other applications
• Direct file exchange with PCs and tablets over Wi-Fi
• Presentation support and screen mirroring to other iPads, Android devices and Windows PCs over Wi-Fi

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