I.T. Departmental Systems Integrates Automation Systems into My Documents Multifunctional Center in Kaluga Oblast


I.T. Departmental Systems Integrates Automation Systems into My Documents Multifunctional Center in Kaluga Oblast
I.T. Departmental Systems (I.T. Co.) had designed IT infrastructure, launched My Documents public services portal, and introduced an IT system for local MFC automation. Head My Documents MFC office was established on October 22 in Kaluga.

Kaluga oblast center was a part of the project by Ministry of Economical Development of Russian Federation and was one of the first among the participating regions to launch My Documents united brand. In addition to Kaluga oblast, 15 other Russian territories were involved with the project. The brand will be implemented country-wide in 2014-2015. 

I.T. Departmental Systems' IT solution, based on Poltava-MFC IT system, automates all business processes of the center, including the portal and queuing systems. The system is fine-tuned to operate with main digital public services, such as the unified identification and authorization system, IAS "PSQM", unified public service portal, register of public services, system or interdepartmental communications, universal electronic card.

Thanks to integrating with UIAS, MFC operator can create a digital record on the portal for any visitor. This is useful for people with no reliable access to the Internet or who have difficulties operating a computer. In time, this will lead to increase in the community of people being serviced online and to popularization of modern services. 

Oleg Gubin, Head of IT, Kaluga oblast MFC, said: I.T. Departmental Systems' IT solution enabled us to integrate with local departments' systems, join interdepartmental cooperation and switch from "manual" document flow to digital. MFC AIS delivers data transmission and public service provision reliability. The system is easily scalable depending on the amount of workplaces required and adaptive, allowing for immediate and flexible reaction to legal changes. In addition to that, implementation of the system does not require much time, and intuitive interface makes learning it simple for any MFC center.

Another integral part of the project is Kaluga oblast MFC portal, where users may find any information about the services. Here, one can make an appointment with an MFC branch and track status of their applications. Also, it is a source on regional news and other important events. By the end of the year, the quality assessment system will also be available, as well as maximum availability schedules of MFC branches. Additionally, an interactive map of the region will be displayed, with regional MFCs marked on it.

Moreover, MFC office was equipped with a queuing and appointment systems. These solutions were also developed by I.T. Departmental Systems. The systems are integrated with each other and allow to flexibly manage operators' workload, considering both prior and live appointments. Before long, unified digital queuing system will be available to Kaluga oblast citizens on the portal. Visitors will be offered to choose the closest MFC branch, government agency providing the service etc. 

Regional government had highly appreciated the project; namely, the Minister of Development of Informational Society of Kaluga oblast Dimitry Razumovsky said: "New MFC corresponds with the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Economical Development for public service centers, and our region is one of the first to implement the concept of multifunctional centers. It is imperative that digital services are more available. We hope this will increase the number of visitors both at MFC an on the portal and simplify cooperation between the government and the people. Presently, these public service centers are integrated into digital public service system, and this is an important step of populating unified digital government system both in the region and in the whole country. Furthermore, decrease in budget expenses and time of service are of huge importance as well."

By the end of 2014, there are 34 more My Documents offices to be opened in Kaluga oblast and existing ones ore to be modified. By the end of 2015, population of every municipal body will have access to every public service within easy reach – at My Documents centers.

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