MobliltyLab Announces MobileSputnik 2.0 Integrated Mobile workplace


MobliltyLab Announces MobileSputnik 2.0 Integrated Mobile workplace
Over 75% of mobile work will be available in one application – access to file resources, document editing, email, calendars and corporate contacts for Android and iOS.

Today MobilityLab (affiliate of I.T. Group) announced new MobileSputnik 2.0, the first integrated solution bringing classic enterprise PC operations to iOS and Android as a part of integrated workplace with familiar UI and rich functionality.

"MobileSputnik 2.0 enables safe mobile work for government employees and companies alike. It's no secret that your average enterprise PC user spends most of his time in three applications: Outlook, Explorer and Office. MobileSputnik 2.0 is an integrated system for corporate perimeter access with the functionality of the three basic instruments" − commented Sergey Orlik, CEO, MobilityLab.

MobileSputnik takes another step in its development. The solution is enriched with a whole suite of tools for enterprise communications, including email, contacts and calendar. These new features make the solution a truly integrated enterprise mobile workplace.
  • Integrated mailing allows to work with correspondence in a way similar to PC Outlook, navigate folders via MobileSputnik file manager, with message previews and multiple message windows support.
  • Integrated Calendar allows employees to work with corporate calendars, schedule meetings, attach meeting documentation and accept invitations right from the email client.
  • The Contacts enable mobile employees to securely store contact lists on the device and work with corporate address database.
MobileSputnik's unified multiscreen interface makes it easy to work with multiple documents, events and messages simultaneously. Employees can attach multiple files to their messages, store files on the device or corporate file resources. They also can safely share documents and presentation screens between Android, iOS and Windows devices in one-to-many mode.

"Integrated mailing and calendar are the features commonly requested by our existing customers. It's also worth mentioning that we chose our own path and spent much effort on developing a unique interface and seamless navigation. That is, we've combined familiar PC features and mobile novelties in one unified solution. Have to admit, it turned out great: our market position is unique, and we are building new functionality over existing and proven foundation of the solution" – adds Sergey Orlik.

"In modern economics, a complex Russian product for mobile work for office and traveling employees, with its infrastructure deployed in the protected perimeter, is a great news for both state organizations and companies. MobileSputnik answers the call for mobile work for mobile employees by delivering high level security and low costs of implementation and support" – adds Sergey Makaryin, Head of Business Development, Mobility Lab.

The release is scheduled for this winter. Now the solution is available for the customers in evaluation version. For additional information and to order a demonstration, please visit: http://www.mobilesputnik.ru

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