MobileSputnik approved by IBM


MobileSputnik approved by IBM
MobliltyLab (I.T. Group), member of Skolkovo innovation incubator's IT cluster, releases a new, special edition of MobileSputnik, the flagman solution for enterprise level mobile workspace organization. The software is now included into the directory of the best enterprise mobile applications by MaaS360 by Fiberlink, an IBM Company.

MobileSputnik («Мобильный спутник») enables secure access to enterprise resources with local deployment and close integration with existing IT and IS landscape. Current version of the solution offers a wide variety of instruments for working with corporate data, such as files or document libraries, enterprise correspondence, calendars and contact lists, from a tablet. With this, the functionality expected from a PC is delivered in a single tablet software solution.

Integrated with MaaS360, a renown leader in enterprise mobile management (EEM), MobileSputnik cuts down information leaks associated with insecure cloud services used for data storage and exchange, unsecured email and personal calendars.

"We're excited to be included into MaaS360 Catalog. MobileSputnik offers possibilities unique to the market, with seamless access to enterprise content on your mobile device, making work with documents with the speed and comfort of PC" – said Sergey Orlik, CEO, MobliltyLab. "Coupled with high security guaranteed by MaaS360, users are provided with optimal mobile functionality with peace of mind."

With BYOD being the buzz word of today, enterprises leave the choice of the device to the employee, while making sure the sensitive information is secure. Including MobileSputnik mobile workspace into the MaaS360 directory enables global IBM clients to enjoy functional advantages of best-selling Russian software.

MobileSputnik was recently recognized by CNews AWARDS experts as "Best Mobile Solution for Enterprise". This award marks the key achievements of Russian ICT market, including Russian and global ICT solutions, and merits outstanding professionals of the industry. The recognition is anything but unexpected, as today MobileSputnik offers unprecedented functionality for viewing, creating, editing, sharing and managing corporate documents on mobile devices. MobileSputnik key features include:
  • Multiscreen interface for working with multiple files at once
  • File manager with advanced functionality
  • Embedded office suite for document editing
  • Access to Windows folders and SharePoint document libraries
  • MobileSputnik agent for seamless and secure synchronization with PC
  • Active Directory account support
  • MobileSputnik server side deployment inside a corporate network
  • Scalable multicomponent server architecture etc.
To learn more or install MobileSputnik, visit the directory of the best mobile applications for enterprise, MaaS360 by Fiberlink, an IBM Company:

MobileSputnik is available for review in two versions:
  • "Demo": mobile clients and new web client access the demonstration server online
  • "Trial": deployment of the full-featured 30-day-trial version in the enterprise infrastructure

A demo or a trial version can be requested at: http://www.mobilesputnik.ru/

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