Trusted collaboration: Orient Express Bank and I.T. Group strengthen the self-service network


Trusted collaboration: Orient Express Bank and I.T. Group strengthen the self-service network
Upon special order of Orient Express Bank, Progressive Self-Service Systems (I.T. Group) developed and delivered 200 banking information and payment terminals that have an increased level of protection against fraudulent activities.

Their need arose due to the development of Orient Express Bank's retail business. One of the main requirements of the equipment was their ability to resist opening or break-ins.

The development, production, and delivery of 200 terminals was entrusted to Progressive Self-Service Systems (an I.T. Group company), which had already proven itself through successful projects of equipping the Moscow Metro with automatic ticket machines and the manufacture of payment terminals for Russian Standard Bank, Enter retail network, and others. Within a short time, they developed a technical solution and released several prototypes whose testing results served as a basis for forming the equipment's final requirements.

The banking payment terminal includes the following security components:
  • a comprehensive, non-volatile alarm module (the company's own development) that is easily integrated into a bank's external security systems
  • a significantly enhanced locking system
  • a safe for a bill acceptor holder with improved features (the company's own development)
  • an additional external door with two padlocks
The design-engineering department of Progressive Self-Service Systems developed a non-volatile alarm module from scratch, which includes their own controller with alarm setting algorithms. Integration of the module with the customer's external security systems is possible.

A safe for a bill acceptor holder was developed (including a column-beam system), whose characteristics are close to the 1st class break-in resistance in accordance with GOST requirements.

The terminal produced upon Orient Express Bank's order employs an improved bill acceptor holder with an increased holder capacity of up to 3,500 bills, which makes it possible to reduce the terminal's collection amount.

Konstantin Fomin, Head of Terminal Networks Division, Business Development Department, Vostochny CB: "Orient Express Bank recognizes the positive result of the partnership with Advanced Self-Service Systems in the development of a fundamentally new payment terminal with a high protection class within a short period of time. The machine received high marks from security services, and additionally the construction solutions did not result in decreased comfort when operated by bank customers. Inside one can see the time-tested components fully complying with the requirements of our bank."

Galy Yapparov, Director General of Progressive Self-Service Systems: "When implementing this project, the bank acted more as a business partner than as a typical customer. Due to our joint efforts we managed to create a banking payment terminal that meets high security standards and which, I'm certain, will be appreciated by other financial establishments."

About OJSC Orient Express Bank
Open Joint-Stock Company Orient Express Bank is one of the largest and fastest developing Russian financial institutions with the widest branch among private banks (present in all Russian federal districts and has more than 1,200 points of presence).
It is the leading private retail bank in the sphere of consumer lending. The bank's distinctive features include an emphasis on retail business (express credits at points of sale and credit cards) as well as a broad presence in the regions. In its development, the bank successfully combines its organic growth and consolidation of small and medium-sized regional banks. The customer base consists of nearly 3 million customers.
Holding historically strong positions in the Far East and Siberia, in recent years the bank has also gained the leading positions in the new markets of the retail banking services of central and western Russia.
Orient Express Bank is one of the top three Russian banks in terms of the size of its branch network, a Top 10 bank for deposits by individuals and consumer loans, and ranks 28th in the general rating of Russian banks for its assets.

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