I.T. Co. opens source code of timekeeping system


I.T. Co. opens source code of timekeeping system
I.T. Co's Custom Software Development Center opened the source code of a timekeeping system, which successfully passed testing at the company's own division. The system was implemented in the Center in 2013 and has since achieved visible results.

One of the most crucial organizational tasks in a company's process of production activities is effective management of the employees' working hours. It is especially important for medium to large workforces, as well as small groups where the number of employees is significantly growing.

In such companies, managers at any level are interested in receiving reporting information concerning employees' workload. Apart from information on tasks in progress and time spent on them, it should contain data on arising issues, reasons for overtime or down time, plans for the upcoming days, comprehensive indicators of planned and actual activities, planned leaves, business trips, etc.

In turn, employees should be provided a simple and convenient interface for generating such report, so that however great this information, it took minimal time to produce it.

For this purpose a timekeeping system was created, which is actively used in I.T. Co's Custom Software Development Center (CSDC). This system features:
  • planning and accounting of working hours carried out across various types of activities and projects
  • integration with external systems and the use of internal system capabilities, which allow for recording of information on leaves, business trips, illnesses, and training, as well as data on current projects and corporate structure.
  • if the company uses industry task tracking systems, such as Atlassian Jira, it is possible to generate reports based on data on employee's tasks in progress recorded by these systems
  • mechanism for planning employees' extended leaves and approval of leave requests by all persons in charge of projects in which the employee works or plans to work within the period of time close to his leave
  • developed reporting that allows prompt receipt of full information on an employee, project or activities of a division or company for a selected period of time
  • notification of interested persons (line managers, project managers, etc.) by email about various events based on subscription
The system is a web application implemented based on PostgreSQL and Tomcat freeware. Users can access the system using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The system's source code is distributed freely under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 license and is available online

The Center's developers also prepared demo videos demonstrating operation of the system, which can be found at 

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