MobileSputnik extends cooperation and presentation capabilities by means of screencast features between iPad and Android tablets


MobileSputnik extends cooperation and presentation capabilities by means of screencast features between iPad and Android tablets
New Direct Screen Sharing features allow corporate users to screencast securely a screen with open documents and materials between iPad and Android tablets located on the same Wi-Fi network.

Direct File & Screen SharingTM functions, expanded in the updated version of the MobilityLab company (the I.T. Group) MobileSputnik 1.7, provide corporate users unique cooperation capabilities on wireless networks. New MobileSputnik Direct Screen Sharing functions allow use of the Wi-Fi network (outer network or launched on one of the mobile devices) anywhere and anytime for instant and secure demonstration of open documents and other materials to each other. 

Cross-platform file exchange and demonstration of open documents capabilities between iOS and Android tablets in "one-to-many" mode are unique on the world market and once again confirm the MobileSputnik statute of technological leadership in the area of mobile cooperation. MobileSputnik has a built-in full-featured office package, simple navigation through Windows and SharePoint enterprise file resources, offline operation capability, multiscreen user interface for opening and viewing of multiple documents at once; all these features make MobileSputnik a genuinely unique solution in the area of corporate mobility.

"Direct cross-platforming tablet screencast with open documents to other users' tablets along with the same cross-platforming files' exchange creates a unique cooperation environment in real time," comments Sergey Orlik, MobilityLab Director General. "Once again, we are the first in the global market to provide innovations to corporate customers, which qualitatively increase productivity and pose a new high threshold for corporate mobility solutions requirements in the world."

You can download a video demonstrating the new capabilities here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMgf2ortW94

Availability of the new version and product evaluation capabilities
MobileSputnik 1.7 is available for purchase.
MobileSputnik 1.7 mobile clients are available for users at Apple AppStore, Google Play, Samsung Apps, and Amazon Kindle AppStore.

Acquaintance with MobileSputnik is available in two scenarios:
  • "Demo": mobile clients connection and access from a new web-client to the existing demonstration product server, available from the Internet
  • "Trial": a full-featured 30 days product trial version deployment in the enterprise infrastructure
To obtain information about the product, it is necessary to submit an order here: http://www.mobilesputnik.ru/trial/

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