MobilityLab and Good Technology announce a MobileSputnik for Good version release


MobilityLab and Good Technology announce a MobileSputnik for Good version release
MobilityLab company (I.T. Group), the innovative project Skolkovo IT Cluster resident, and Good Technology company, a leading supplier of solutions ensuring security and access to corporate resources from mobile devices, announce the release of the special MobileSputnik for Good version, integrated with the Good Dynamics mobile platform - a basis for the secure ecosystem of mobile business applications. The MobileSputnik for Good version is available for iOS tablets from Good Dynamics Marketplace.

MobileSputnik for Good provides secure access to corporate data resources due to the local deployment possibilities and stronger integration with existing corporate IT and IS landscapes. The unique MobileSputnik for Good tools set for documents viewing, creating, editing, changing and managing directly on mobile devices provides users traditional PC functionality along with convenient and secure work with Microsoft public folders and SharePoint document libraries anytime, anywhere.

"We are pleased to welcome the MobileSputnik for Good new version, a part of the Good Dynamics mobile applications ecosystem, – notes Herve Danzelaud, Good Technology alliance vice-president. "Along with explosive growth of mobile device usage in business, a growing number of our customers are interested in enterprise class end-to-end solutions for cooperation, which would meet their high-level security requirements."

MobileSputnik is designed taking into account new operation scenarios of mobile tablet users in the business environment. Along with possibilities of preview and multiscreen user interface support, file manager allows opening and managing a number of files on different screens simultaneously, easily switching between them. MobileSputnik for Good provides local storage of downloaded enterprise data in the Good shelter.

"Deeply integrated with the Good Dynamics platform, the MobileSputnik for Good version provides for iPad users a safe and secure environment for convenient and productive work with documents, stored in enterprise file resources," comments Sergey Orlik, MobilityLab Director General. "MobileSputnik for Good provides unique opportunities for mobile work, realized by the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework services. They help users to send files via email, open them only in Good-supported applications, view or edit documents, and then save them to the MobileSputnik for Good."

The MobileSputnik for Good options include:
  • a high security level of business information provided due to functions of email file attachments exchange in the Good for Enterprise environment
  • Good Dynamics Shared Services provide a secure warehouse for files, and also tools for documents management and mobile data process in the Good secure environment
  • MobileSputnik server and Good Dynamics infrastructure allow IT services to manage and monitor all basic aspects of enterprise data resources access on application, individual employee and user groups levels
  • MobileSputnik unique tools allow to work with a wide range of files simultaneously, easily switch between them, and synchronize files on PC simply and securely
More information about the product and the MobileSputnik for Good version for download is available via this link: https://community.good.com/gd-app-details.jspa?ID=111702111

Prior acquaintance with MobileSputnik is available in two scenarios:
  • "Demo": mobile clients connection and access from a new web-client to the existing demonstration product server, available from the Internet
  • "Trial": a full-featured 30 days product trial version deployment in the enterprise infrastructure

To obtain information about the product, it is necessary to submit an order here: http://www.mobilesputnik.ru/trial/

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