1. 25.05.2016

    The test and evaluation module of the BOSS-Kadrovik system has been deployed in I.T.
    BOSS. HR Systems has completed the project on the implementation of a software module, created on the basis of the BOSS-Kadrovik system and intended for testing and evaluation of staff, in I.T. Co. - a large Russian system integrator.
  2. 23.05.2016

    I.T. Co. has moved the infrastructure of Samaraenergo into the cloud
    I.T. Co. has completed the creation of the technological core of telecommunications infrastructure virtualization system for Samaraenergo PJSC. The "Cloud modernization" included hardware, virtualization systems implementation and organization of telecommunication infrastructure core. The result is a high-performance, fault-tolerant, scalable virtual environment with high economic efficiency.
  3. 27.04.2016

    I.T. Co. has become an EcoExpert
    I.T. Smart Systems "(IT Group) has launched a number of projects on  monitoring/managing energy consumption. For the first time in decades the economic crisis has spurred interest of Russian customers to energy efficiency. Having acquired the EcoExpert status from Schneider Electric company  I.T. Co. uses the vendor's support in new projects.
  4. 20.04.2016

    Aplana Development Center has upgraded MigKredit loan pipeline
    MigKredit company and Aplana Development Center (IT Group) completed the project on modernization of the automated loan pipeline based on the integration solution implemented by Aplana Development Center on the basis of JBoss Fuse and JBoss BPM Suite open source platforms.
  5. 11.04.2016

    I.T. Smart systems Co. has optimized the work of 15 warehouses of Soyuzsnab GC industrial complex
    I.T. Smart systems Co. has implemented a WMS-system on the Soyuzsnab holding manufacturing complex. A single virtual warehouse combining data from 15 physical warehouses has been created within the project.
  6. 15.03.2016

    Mobile data center from I.T. for Novomoskovsky Azot
    I.T. Co. has completed a project of creating a mobile data center (MDC) for Novomoskovsk Joint Stock Company Azot (NAK Azot). The customized solution for the creation of mobile complex of information and engineering systems, aimed at maintaining the specified parameters of the interior space environment, as well as the control and monitoring of the created infrastructure has been created for the customer.
  7. 09.03.2016

    MobilityLab Presents New Edition of WorksPad for Service Providers
    WorksPad for Service Providers is intended for service providers who have joined the Microsoft COSN (Cloud OS Network) initiative to offer world-class cloud services out of data centers based on Microsoft products (Exchange, SharePoint, and others).
  8. 29.02.2016

    Decathlon company has adopted BOSS-Kadrovik payroll system
    The project of automation of payroll based on BOSS-Kadrovik system in the international trade and production company Decathlon has been completed.
  9. 25.02.2016

    In 2015, the number of applications created in the AIS MFC of the Kaluga region has increased tenfold
    MFC network of the Kaluga region, automated through the development of I.T. Departmental systems Co. is recognized as one of the most advanced in Russia.
  10. 02.02.2016

    I.T. Smart Systems automated Faberliс's production warehouse of finished products
    I.T. Smart Systems and Faberlic continue their cooperation in the field of warehouse capacities automation. The next stage of development was the introduction of a warehouse management system (WMS) on the Faberlic's warehouse for finished products, located in the company's industrial complex in Biryulyovo. From there products are shipped to the base warehouse in Domodedovo and a distribution warehouse for the Moscow region.
  11. 27.01.2016

    I.T. offers "factories of digitizing" with a triple quality control
    I.T. Co. has opened a new service division – "The center for scanning and retroconversion." Oleg Pegov was appointed its head. The center for scanning and retroconversion will employ more than 50 people, distributed over several Russian cities. Specialists for specific projects are also planned to be engaged.
  12. 08.12.2015

    I.T. Co. continues to publish essays on the history of the domestic IT
    On the New Year's Eve I.T. Group released the second edition of "Pages of history of domestic IT", a non-profit project, implemented in partnership with the Virtual Computer Museum and Alpina Publisher publishing house. The book is addressed to a wide range of readers who are interested in the history of national science and computer technology, as well as IT professionals, university students and postgraduates of relevant specialties.
  13. 03.12.2015

    I.T. Co. has created an infrastructure for a key object for SCO and BRICS summit in Ufa
    Co. has announced the completion of works on creation the engineering and IT-infrastructure of the new Sheraton hotel in Ufa. Sheraton Ufa Hotel is the first five-star business hotel of the international level in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the sixth in Russia and the 500th in the world hotel complex of the largest Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide operator. The list of its first guests includes the first persons of the SCO and BRICS having arrived in Ufa for the summit in July 2015.
  14. 26.11.2015

    TECHNOSILA has introduced interactive self-service terminals
    The Advanced Self-Service Systems (ASS) company, belonging to I.T. Group, took part in the implementation of a large-scale project of transformation of one of the largest Russian retail chains - TECHNOSILA.
  15. 19.11.2015

    I.T. Co. becomes Huawei Silver Partner
    I.T. Co. announces that it is now a contractual partner of Huawei Corporation, a leading global provider of information and communication solutions and has been awarded the Huawei Silver Partner status. With the updated product portfolio, I.T. Co. has been able to enhance its pool of propositions for corporate consumers, especially in telecommunications and cloud systems.
  16. 29.10.2015

    WorksPad: Twice the Winner of Web&Tech Ready 2015
    WorksPad, an innovative organizer of mobile workplaces for corporate users carried by MobilityLab LLC (I.T. Group), took two nominations at international Web&Tech Ready 2015 contest, a Skolkovo Foundation-sponsored event operating since 2009.
  17. 22.10.2015

    I.T. Group joined by Information Strategies and Systems
    Information Strategies and Systems (ISS) is now a member of I.T. Group. The key objective of the capital investment in ISS is to strengthen I.T. Group's expertise in enterprise systems of IT service management (ITSM) and develop domestic import-substituting products.
  18. 30.09.2015

    Russian IT leaders announce the launch of an integrated solution for secure mobile workstations
    September 30, 2015, Moscow – At a press conference, InfoTeCS, MobilityLab (a member of I.T. Group) and Research Institute for Complex Security Systems (RISMCS) introduced WorksPad PROTECTED, a joint integrated solution for secure mobile workstations to be used by corporate customers. WorksPad PROTECTED is based on the products developed by Russian leading companies in enterprise mobility. This makes the solution fully independent of imported components and draws interest of potential government and business customers which are seeking to ensure reliable and secure mobile operations of their employees.
  19. 10.09.2015

    I.T. Co. optimizes purchase and inventory management for PhosAgro
    Aplana Development Center (Aplana DC), a member of I.T. Group, has successfully finished designing and deploying an information system tailored to conduct the factor analysis of the inventory and personal responsibility for the inventory. The project has been delivered for PhosAgro Group.
  20. 03.09.2015

    I.T. Smart Systems automates Faberlic's main distribution center
    Faberlic has summed up first results of the control automation project for its main distribution center, delivered by I.T. Smart Systems, a member of I.T. Group. The notable deliverables include significantly reduced full-time personnel, improved product acceptance and shipment performance, and mitigated human factor in decision-making related to any stock operations.

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