I.T. Information Technology (hereinafter I.T.), is one of the leading Russian solution providers providing a full range of services for the creation and maintenance of corporate information systems. The company's branches and representative offices operate in 15 Russian cities.

I.T. Information Technology is a company of the I.T. Group that also includes the following companies: I.T. Departmental Systems, I.T. Smart Systems, I.T. Academy, Aplana, BOSS. HR Systems, Business Logic 2.0, Mobiko, Advanced Self-Service Systems (ASS), PingWin Software, RINTECH and Unicloud.
The key specialties of I.T. are focused on areas such as IT and management consulting, business process automation, infrastructure of information systems, information and physical security systems, IT outsourcing and technical support for information systems, IT personnel and business process outsourcing, enterprise software leasing etc. 

Over the years of operation in the Russian market, I.T. Co specialists have performed tens of thousands of IT projects ranging in scale and complexity. I.T. Co’s long term customers include both the biggest national companies in our country and small companies focusing on dynamic business development and increasing competitive ability. 

I.T. Departmental Systems was established in 2008 as a result of the reorganization of the I.T. Co's business unit specializing in public authority informatization goals.

I.T. Departmental Systems company has skills in the development and implementation of specialized IT solutions for state run public authorities. The company holds a license for creation of protected information systems issued by the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) and Federal Service for Technology and Export Control (FSTEC). The company is staffed with over 50 professionals. 

The product portfolio

  • Poltava on-line service system (automation of the public services provision process in electronic format on a unified web portal for public services) 
  • Artos queue management system 
  • Weatherproof, vandal-proof self-contained computer system
  • Mobile workstation
  • Intelligent video surveillance
  • Hardware and software system for information and methodical support to the State Fire Control Service bodies' activities 

I.T. Smart Systems was established as a result of the split-off of the I.T. Co's Department of Fuel and Smart Systems as a separate legal entity and is its legal successor. Solutions proposed by the company are noted for their great functionality, flexibility in implementation, easy use, exact correspondence with the client's needs and established business processes; over 120 projects have been implemented since 1993, including the largest ones in Russia with use of smart cards.

I.T. Smart Systems company develops and implements the following solutions:

  • an integrated automation system for fuel filling station/full service filling station and I.T. Oil's oil tank farm network management
  • I.T. Automatic Identification (I.T. AI) automated real-time property accounting system
  • I.T. Card electronic settlement system
Company's solutions in more detail:
I.T. Oil is a modular solution for the integrated automation of fuel filling station/full service filling station and oil tank farm network management. It includes the full required range of services, software and equipment to create an efficient tool for central management of the petroleum product and the supporting product sales business. The I.T. Oil system has been developed and built up since 1998. Over the past years it has become the leader in the petroleum product supply automation market: over 50 projects have been implemented, over 1200 fuel filling stations/full service filling stations/gas filling stations/NGV-refuelling compressor stations have been automated.

For more detail on the solution: http://itoil.ru/

I.T. AI is an integrated solution for the automation of the property accounting and inventory process using radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) and 1D/2D bar coding. Developments in these areas have been carried out since 1999, and a separate Automatic Identification line was launched in 2007. The solution can be used for accounting of a wide range of products from medicine vials and jewelry to heavy equipment and rolling stocks. By now the number of implementations of the solution has reached dozens. 

For more detail on the solution: http://itrfid.ru/

I.T. Card is a solution designed for building smart card based payment systems using the "electronic wallet" concept. Its basic advantage is the capability for multitasking usage of the same smart card. Thus, it can function as an E-money media and support simultaneously a wide range of applications from room or information resource access control to special applications developed by the client or on their request. 

For more information on the solution: http://card.it.ru/ 

Business Logic (I.T. Co) develops Logika ECM (early BOSS-Referent), one of the leading Russian ECM tools. It runs large-scale projects creating electronic repositories for storing and managing unstructured information in public organizations and largest Russian oil and telecom companies. Trusted advisor in the fields of Enterprise Content Management.

Our strategic partners are Abbyy, Adobe, Alfresco, IBM and Red Hat.

Logika BPM (I.T. Co) an innovative company that works at the junction of management and information technologies utilizing the latest IT solutions and trends.

Logika BPM is positioned as trusted advisor in the fields of BPM, setting up BPM, application integration related to business processes, business analytics, and operational controlling. Our leading consultants have more than 18 years working experience on the management and information technologies market. Our strategic partners are Metasonic AG, Scheer Management, and Software AG.

MobilityLab LLC - founded in 2011 as enterprise mobility solutions R&D and commercialization center in I.T. Group of companies (I.T.Co).

MobilityLab is resident of SKOLKOVO IT Cluster since 2012. 

MobilityLab leadership team members has average 20 years of technology, sales and management experience in leading international IT companies including Borland, HP and Microsoft.

WorksPad, out-of-the box enterprise mobility solution of MobilityLab, was officially announced in March 2013 for Russia in partnership with Samsung and Symantec.

EOR company was established in April 2012 on the basis of the Internet Technology Department, I.T. Academy, the leading learning and consulting center for vocational training with over 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of e-learning systems and remote content. 

EOR specializes in Distance Learning (DL) project implementation, such as:

  • the development and supply of independent distance content and distance courses
  • the supply of ready SkillSoft distance content
  • implementation of information learning systems
  • distance learning services
  • technical support and maintenance of the learning process
The EOR's courses library includes both author's programs and partners' developments and accounts for more than 6000 courses. The EOR team has extensive experience under their belt in implementing large-scale educational projects for public sector clients and leading business entities, including the Central Bank of Russia, SO UPS, Gazprom, Academy of National Economy, Uralvagonzavod, Gaspromneft, X5 Retail Group, Supreme Commercial Court, TNK-BP etc.

The company "Aplana International Projects" (a company of the I.T. Group) was established in 2009 on the basis of the International Projects Aplana Center. It specializes in outsourcing and software development services for foreign technological companies. "Aplana International Projects" focuses on the development of long-term relations with customers based on the principles of partnership relations. Successful cooperation with foreign customers includes 8 years of development and maintenance of corporate applications for General Electric Medical Systems (France), 7 years of joint development of electronic payment systems on the basis of SmartCity – ICL/Fujitsu technology (USA), CRM system re-engineering and development for an American company Relavis. 

The I.T. Academy is the leading Russian and CIS provider of vocational training products, services and solutions based on state-of-the-art information and communication technology. The Academy is a leader in authorized training, an institution of professional development training and has the widest range of courses and the most extensive network of branches in Russia.

The I.T. Academy's mission: "Success Through Training!" Our goal is not just to provide IT and management training services but also to solve the problems the clients face. As the training is not an end in itself. It is important for all systems to operate trouble-free, for everybody to work in a professional manner, and for qualified resources to be available for each new task.

Aplana. Development Center is an IT company operating both in the Russian market and in the European and North American markets. Aplana provides a wide range of high-quality software services for customers with focus on development and integration of software systems per customer requirements. Aplana now employs over 500 software engineers.

The Progressive Self-Service Systems (an I.T. Group company) develops and produces integrated high tech solutions for the automation of servicing for customers of banks, retail outlets and other business sectors. The company's highly qualified developers, design engineers, process planners, and designers use an effective systematic approach during project development, implementation and maintenance acting at the junction of engineering, manufacture, IT integration, and marketing.

The company possesses all required resources: its own approved manufacture of self-service systems, a design engineering bureau developing new equipment models and implementing unique tailor-made projects and a professional knowledge of software products. Cooperation with our partners in the development and integration of software and service support also makes for the effective implementation of integrated projects.

RINTECH is a specialized company, an industry system integrator incorporated in the I.T. Group, which since 2005 has been working in the market of integrated solutions for information support of the health care tasks, social services, and public administration.

RINTECH's core business areas include: health care consulting services, development of concepts and programs of regional information support, development of the regulatory framework for IT implementation in regional-level health care, implementation of specialized medical information systems for participants of the compulsory health insurance market, systems of “electronic” health care services provision, integrated solutions using universal electronic cards and compulsory health insurance policies. 

Relational Programming is a Russian company, vendor of solutions for IT professionals and software engineers. The RP Server technological platform is the main product in the company's portfolio.

Company solutions
RP Server is a multipurpose tool platform which is an extension of Microsoft SQL Server. RP Server is intended for the development and functioning of SQL systems with an open application code. RP Server uses a base of Microsoft DBMS technologies (SQL, T-SQL) as well as a built-in interpreted language. The entire application code is stored in the relational database of the Microsoft SQL Server that ensures the integrity, centralized deployment and maintenance of the created systems. 

Visual IDE as a part of the platform (RAD tools of RP Designer) is a high-performance tool for the cooperative development of big transaction systems through commands by SQL application programmers (first and foremost, by application environments specialists). Unified services of interface objects of user applications are generated by an environment automatically, the toolkit assumes the overall low-level interaction between user application objects with a DB server. This enables a developer to focus, primarily, on solving the application domain of a task.
RP Server has a number of unique properties ("smart" ERP customization technologies) unavailable today for any other high-level application system development tools. 

The RP Server platform-based software systems are currently operated successfully at enterprises taking the leading positions in various sectors, including: banking, food industry, oil and gas industry, energy, metallurgy, commerce, logistics companies, state-financed organizations, pharmaceutical sector and publication & advertisement enterprises, representative offices of foreign companies.

BOSS. HR Systems is a leading Russian producer of enterprise and organization management information systems. The company produces both final products and platform solutions for third-party developers. Creation of HR management enterprise analysis information systems based on the in-house flag product — BOSS-Kadrovik — is the company's major business area and key skill. 

BOSS. HR Systems continuously extends partner cooperation with Russian and foreign IT companies implementing and developing business software. The company holds one of the leading positions in the Russian and Ukrainian market in the area of Human Resource Management Systems – HRMS.

Company's solutions
BOSS-Kadrovik: HR management and payroll systems

  • BOSS-Kadrovik based on Microsoft SQL Server + RP Server process platform.
  • BOSS-Kadrovik based on Oracle Database process platform.

BOSS-Company: an in-house activity (IHA) automation system platform

  • BOSS-Company. BANK (an IHA automation solution for financial institutions)
  • BOSS-Company. The business platform for RP-Server (a development tool).
  • BOSS-Company. Turnkey integrated industry systems