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Creating a unified system of electronic document management

Rosneft (RN-Burenie)
Business challenge:
Deploying an up-to-date system of electronic document management in all offices of the company, to ensure rapid and efficient exchange of documents between the central office and regional offices
The Logics EDMS solution based on the IBM Notes/Domino platform has been deployed at the central office in Moscow and in 8 branches in such cities as: Nefteyugansk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Gubkinsky, Usinsk, Grozny, Sakhalin, and Krasnodar. The single information environment connects more than 800 employees of RN-Burenie, who process monthly about 8,000 documents
Automated document flows have provided reliable and structured storage for documents with functionalities featuring quick document search, reporting on events and activities of process participants, as well as control of executive discipline
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