Software testing 

Software testing

Most critical business applications now operate on a 24х7 schedule. As a result, the levels of risks, financial and image losses due to failures and downtime of the information systems define the level of requirements for their quality, reliability, and capacity. 

The I.T. Group incorporates the Aplana Software produced Software Testing Center having a proven technique and long-term experience in solving QC tasks and increased performance and reliability of software systems using state-of-the-art methods and tools for functional and load testing.

The Aplana Software Testing Center provides a full range of software testing services for third-party companies:

  • consulting services: audit of QC processes, software development QC process implementation services
  • outsourcing (project scheme): testing is carried out by the personnel of Aplana Software irrespectively of a software developer and covers all life-cycle stages, including the collection and analysis of requirements; the work can be performed both on a contractor's site and on a client's site
  • outstaffing (Time&Materials scheme) provision of skilled personnel for testing
Personnel of the Center perform different types of testing:
  • functional testing (manual and automated) — inspection of software conformance with the functional requirements, i.e. software ability to solve user required tasks under certain conditions
  • load testing — identification or collection of system capacity and response time indicators in answer to an external request in order to determine compliance with the requirements of this system 
  • testing security of web applications — automated testing, the aim of which is to find various vulnerabilities of web applications. Testing is carried out using special software tools
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