1. 19.01.2010

    I.T. Co. Implements Windows 7 in Clinical Hospital in Alexandro-Maryinskaya Region
    I.T. Co. specialists have executed works on a pilot deployment of the new operating system Microsoft Windows 7 for clinical hospital in Alexando-Maryinskaya region. Prepared solution for installation of new operating system allowed automated change of operating systems on PCs of hospital staff who have already appreciated the comfort, reliability and work speed of this software.
  2. 24.11.2009

    I.T. Confirms Its Status as Cisco's Gold Certified Partner
    I.T. Co. has successfully undergone auditing as to its correspondence to Cisco Systems requirements, and thus confirmed its Gold Certified Partner status. The successful recertification proves a high professional level of company's personnel taking part in implementing the vendor's products and solutions.
  3. 16.11.2009

    At the Platform 2010 Conference, I.T.Co. Explains How and Why Licenses Should Be Managed
    I.T.Co. has taken an active part in the Microsoft's Platform 2010 conference, a traditional venue of IT professionals, managers, and system architects as well as software developers. I.T. became the silver sponsor of this event and presented its own solution, the license management system, based on the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager platform.
  4. 14.09.2009

    I.T. Co. supports Yota's regional expansion
    I.T. Co. has created the data processing infrastructure for a multi-service communications center in Ufa — part of Yota’s Mobile WiMAX network. I.T. Co. saw this project from start to finish, from obtaining permit documentation and designing the communications network, to obtaining agency inspection reports, completing construction, assembly and start-up works, and launching operations.
  5. 31.08.2009

    I.T. Co. joins the ranks of Microsoft's select partners
    I.T. Co. has been given Microsoft’s Enterprise Solution Provider status, a confirmation of I.T. Co.’s high level of expertise in tackling complex, comprehensive infrastructure projects for major government and commercial clients.
  6. 25.08.2009

    I.T. Co. has Completed the First Stage of IT Infrastructure Reengineering Project at the North Caucasian Bank of the Sberbank of Russia
    I.T. Co. has completed the first stage of IT infrastructure reengineering project at the North Caucasian Bank of the Sberbank of Russia. In the course of its work I.T. Co. has updated the basic network resources, implemented single catalogue service based on Microsoft Active Directory and developed new message exchange environment with single address book Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.
  7. 18.08.2009

    I.T. Co. Received Exclusive Rights to Cable-Scout
    I.T. Co. concluded an agreement with German software developer JO Software Engineering, developer of network infrastructure monitoring and management system Cable-Scout. Today I.T. Co. is the only Russian company allowed to officially supply Cable-Scout to Russia.
  8. 11.08.2009

    I.T. Co. has Appreciated the Value of the Digital Printing Systems Market
    I.T. Co. has organized new business section — Digital printing systems, that will specialize in development and integration of enterprize solutions using modern software and hardware digital printing systems. Michail Stepanov was appointed as the head of the new business section. Previously he worked as the Head of the Digital Printing Systems Division at Terem.
  9. 03.08.2009

    I.T. Co. consolidates all competences in Data Processing Centers (DPC)
    I.T. Co. has launched a Competence Center called ‘Data Processing Centers’ which combines the company’s resources in consulting services, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of DPCs.
  10. 27.07.2009

    I.T. Co. Made Representative Office of RusSpetsStal Smart and Comfortable
    I.T. Co has completed unique engineering and infrastructure construction project at the new RusSpetsStal representative office. I.T. Co. specialists had to combine complex technological solutions with the exclusive design of the office.
  11. 21.07.2009

    I.T. Co. Contributed to Development of Efficient System for Preparation of Future Agrarian Specialists
    I.T. Co has completed a complex project at Stavropol State Agrarian University. In the course of the project execution company specialists have created a modern multimedia hall, built a computing complex, and implemented university automation system components — I.T.-University. The university was also supplied with the necessary computing and organizational equipment: computers, printers, scanners, etc.
  12. 07.07.2009

    I.T. Co. Builds Cable Infrastructure and Communication System at Kovdorsk GOK
    As part of MHK EvroChem IT infrastructure modernization program I.T. Co. has successfully completed the universal cable infrastructure and corporate communication system project at Kovdorsk Mining Company. The total project cost amounted to about 16 million rubles.
  13. 29.06.2009

    Video Conferencing will Help Arbitration Courts Lower Costs and Accelerate Decision Making
    I.T. Co completed video conferencing network construction project for arbitration courts located from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk. Thanks to this project employees of 53 arbitration courts of the Russian Federation can hold video conference sessions. This will not only decrease the time required for resolution of work related issues, but will also cut back the travel expenses.
  14. 09.06.2009

    I.T. Co. is Awarded the Highest Adobe Systems Partner Status
    Recently I.T. Co. gained the highest Adobe Systems partner status — Authorized Reseller. High competence of I.T. Co. employees in sale of the Adobe products is confirmed by dozens of projects.
  15. 05.05.2009

    RusHydro Optimizes Corporate Network Traffic
    The corporate data transmission network optimization project was executed at Zhigulevskaya HPP, a branch of OJSC RusHydro. The February testing showed an over 30% decrease in traffic in all subsystems between Zhigulevskaya HPP and the Moscow office.
  16. 13.04.2009

    I.T. Co. Builds IT Infrastructure for BSGV offices in Russia
    I.T. Co. has completed development of the engineering IT infrastructure for the new branch of Banque Societe Generale Vostok (BSGV) in Moscow on Izmailovskaya square, 1. The I.T. Co. specialists have already completed 21 projects in IT infrastructure development for the Bank's branches and offices.
  17. 06.04.2009

    For the First time in Russia I.T. Co. Will Offer Wi-Fi Network Positioning Using RFID Labels
    I.T. Co. starts offering positioning services in wireless Cisco networks in Russia using AeroScout active RFID labels. This solution is designed for a number of industries since it allows for tracking movement and collecting information about location of resources, detailes, machinery and employees.
  18. 30.03.2009

    Rosnedvizhimost Purchased General License for BOSS-Kadrovik: State Management from I.T. Co.
    Federal Agency for Real Estate Object Cadastre purchased a general license for automated documents management system BOSS-Kadrovik: State Management from I.T. Co. The Agency was able to grant access to the system to an unlimited number of its employees.
  19. 16.02.2009

    Microsoft Acknowledged “Government Competence” of I.T. Co.
    I.T. Co. was awarded the status of Microsoft Authorized Government Reseller. This status confirms the company's competence in licensing of Microsoft software and support of government organizations, municipal and local authorities.
  20. 10.02.2009

    I.T. Co. Licensed out ALBA on Installments
    I.T. Co. has completed supply and installation of Microsoft software for ALBA shoes stores chain owned by Alibi-Corporation. The licensing was done under the Open Value scheme allowing for reduction of the initial costs through three years of installment payments.

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