1. 22.11.2010

    I.T. Co. and The Higher School of Economics (HSE) Will Create a Universal System for Processing Unstructured Information
    I.T. Co. and The National Research University – The Higher School of Economics (HSE) are among the winners of the second phase of an open public tender to receive subsidies and implement integrated projects aimed at high-tech production.
  2. 05.10.2010

    I.T. Co. Automated Key Business Processes at OJSC IC “ROSNO”
    I.T. Co. implemented an ECM system based on IBM software products at OJSC IC “ROSNO”. A unified storage and document processing system enhanced the process of information transfer from regionally spread offices and agencies to the company’s data processing center located in Voronezh.
  3. 14.09.2010

    I.T. Co. Supplies Gazprom Healthcare Center with Two Efficient IT Tools
    I.T. Co. implemented two IT projects for the Gazprom Polyclinic. The healthcare center was equipped with an automation system for inventory and maintenance of medical equipment, as well as a document management system. Currently, both systems are successfully operated by medical staff, which observes a significantly improved quality of service, faster decision-making, and reduction of time needed for document processing.
  4. 01.09.2010

    The Government of Voronezh Region Purchased General License for «BOSS-Referent: Public Administration»
    I.T. Co. implements a project to introduce electronic document management system for public authorities of Voronezh region, which transfers a non-exclusive right for use of the “BOSS-Referent: Public Administration” EDMS for an unlimited number of users.
  5. 07.07.2010

    Administration of Klin Municipal District Implements BOSS-Referent based on Open Source Software
    I.T. Co. implemented a project to automate reporting and decision-making processes controlled by the Head of Klin municipal district. As a result, a first step has been made towards replacement of traditional paper document management by electronic document management system. Initial use of a new system has already allowed a reduction of reporting burdens and permitted efficient time management of the Administration’s personnel.
  6. 05.05.2010

    I.T. Co. Presents Innovative Solutions at the Annual Exhibition Sviaz-Expocomm 2010
    The I.T. Group of companies participates in Sviaz-Expocomm 2010, the largest exhibition for the IT and telecommunication industry. The I.T. Group of companies will present a full-featured electronic document management system based on Open Source Software and designed for state and municipal authorities.
  7. 25.02.2010

    IBM Made its Choice of the First ASL-Partner in Russia
    I.T. Co. and IBM signed the first Russian Application Specific Licensing (ASL) agreement. Under the terms of the contract, I.T. Co. will be able to supply the market with own solutions, which include IBM Lotus and FileNet software products.
  8. 16.02.2010

    I.T. Co. Implements Electronic Document Management System at the Office of Commissioner of Russian Federation at the European Court
    I.T. Co. launched information system at the Office of Commissioner of Russian Federation at the European Court of Human Rights. As a result, the electronic document management system was implemented on the base of BOSS-Referent platform and allowed to improve the quality of decision-making process.
  9. 27.01.2010

    Electronic Document Management System BOSS-Referent in the Executive Office of Joint Stock Company TGK-4
    I.T. Group of companies announced project completion of system implementation of EDMS BOSS-Referent in the Executive office of JSC TGK-4. As a part of the project, key business processes of the company related to electronic document management were automated. Currently 300 users work with the system.
  10. 05.11.2009

    I.T. Co. Developing a New BOSS-Referent Based on Microsoft Platform
    The new BOSS-Referent is a corporate ECM system. It is being developed on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform, incorporating the Microsoft Technological Center solutions. The system will be used by large geographically distributed enterprises and support over 50,000 corporate users.
  11. 14.07.2009

    BOSS-Referent at Each 4th Workstation Based on Results for 2008
    Electronic documents management system BOSS-Referent keeps improving its positions in the EDMS market. Among all the workstations automated in 2008 BOSS-Referent is installed on every 4th one.
  12. 23.06.2009

    I.T. Co. Signed Contract for RosOEZ EDMS Support
    I.T. Co. signed the contract for maintenance of the electronic documents management system at RosOEZ. Now BOSS-Referent EDMS based on IBM Lotus Domino/Notes platform operates at the Agency's central office and 4 special economic zones.
  13. 15.06.2009

    I.T. Co. Automated Public Roads Administration of the Tver Region
    On orders of the Transport and Communications Department of the Tver region I.T. Co. has developed an automated public roads maintenance programs development management system. Along with the economic objectives the project carries a number of socially significant aspects. Thanks to the new system the region's residents can always stay informed about maintenance of the roads that have to use every day.
  14. 28.05.2009

    DOCFLOW Exhibition Participants Found Out why over Third of EDMS Built in 2008 are Based on IBM Lotus Notes Software
    On May 20th IBM, InterTrust and the I.T. Group have organized round table discussion "What advantages make IBM Lotus software platform the most demanded for EDMS development" as part of DOCFLOW 2009 exhibition-conference. Attendants of the event that brought together about 100 participants discussed the reasons a company considers to select the documents management solution based on the Lotus Notes platform.
  15. 14.05.2009

    BOSS-Referent, I.T. Co. and Aplana Will Participate in DOCFLOW 2009
    BOSS-Referent, I.T. Co. and Aplana, all part of the I.T. Group, will present a complex solution for documents and information management with BOSS-Referent at its core at the XV Anniversary Exhibition-Conference DOCFLOW 2009 that will take place on May 20th.
  16. 20.04.2009

    I.T. Co. Continues Good Traditions in Cooperation with IBM
    I.T. Co has confirmed the IBM Premier Business Partner status. Over the entire period of cooperation with IBM the last year become the most successful for I.T. Co.
  17. 26.02.2009

    I.T. Co. Held a Workshop in Voronezh on IT Development for Regional Public Authorities
    On 25 February I.T. Co. together with the Voronezh region administration held workshop "Efficient approaches to information management: electronic documents management in the Voronezh region administration." The key subject of the event was discussion of the electronic documents management system built on the BOSS-Referent software in the Voronezh region administration. This system is one of the prerequisites for the e-government functioning.
  18. 26.01.2009

    I.T. Co. Modernized Electronic Archive for OJSC MMK
    I.T. Co. completed modernization of the electronic archive at Magnitogorsk Smelter. Thanks to this project the archive access speed and its reliability increased.

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