1. 27.10.2014

    RINTEKH presents "Health Monitor" in Moscow, Kazan and Astana
    During less then a month, RINTEKH Company (affiliate of I.T. Group) had participated in four important sector wide events in health care, taking part in Moscow, Kazan and Astana (Kazakhstan).
  2. 06.06.2014

    IIDF to invest 45 million rubles in Life Button project
    Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) is investing 45 million rubles in the Life Button project.
    This financing was round B for Life Button. The project earlier received investments from I.T. Group, and at the initial stage was funded by a pool of business angels.
  3. 28.10.2013

    Dmitry Yurchenko: Saving lives with the push of a button
    Dmitry Yurchenko and Irina Linnik were the first to notice a vacant niche in Russia’s mobile medicine market. Their Life Button project – a medical alert system – helps the elderly receive timely medical aid in an emergency. They have saved more than 250 lives in the space of one year. Maria Karnaukh
  4. 19.02.2013

    I.T. Co. Establishes a Data Processing Center for the Ministry of Health of the Tula Region
    I.T. Co., acting in conjunction with the Tula Region Committee on Innovations and IT, has established a powerful local center for the processing of data from the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Tula Region. The new data center will make it possible to consolidate operational data into a single storage area, thus creating a robust basis for the effective provision of IT in local healthcare.
  5. 11.09.2012

    Network infrastructure from I.T. Co. for Moscow polyclinics
    I.T. Co. has performed work on creation of a cable systems complex in 240 medical establishments in 6 administrative districts of Moscow. The amount of state contracts was more than 73 mln rubles.
  6. 17.08.2012

    Life Button was awarded a grant for the Social Button
    The “Social Button” startup project launched within the framework of the “Life Button” project development was recognized as one of the two winners of the grant awarding competition held by Nokia Corporation in cooperation with the Fund for Development of Social Initiatives “New Prospects" (FNP). The amount of the gained grant was EUR 48,000. These funds will be used for the service design, testing, and development.
  7. 10.07.2012

    Life Button Receives SmartMoney from I.T. Group
    RINTECH incorporated in I.T. group signed an investment agreement with “Life Button” project specializing in emergency call systems (“medical alarms”) for old people and the disabled. Subject to the agreement, the volume of investments in the project on the part of RINTECH will be over 35 mln. rubles. These funds will be primarily used for infrastructure development, R&D, own equipment manufacturing, as well as to extend sales channels.
  8. 14.09.2010

    I.T. Co. Supplies Gazprom Healthcare Center with Two Efficient IT Tools
    I.T. Co. implemented two IT projects for the Gazprom Polyclinic. The healthcare center was equipped with an automation system for inventory and maintenance of medical equipment, as well as a document management system. Currently, both systems are successfully operated by medical staff, which observes a significantly improved quality of service, faster decision-making, and reduction of time needed for document processing.
  9. 19.01.2010

    I.T. Co. Implements Windows 7 in Clinical Hospital in Alexandro-Maryinskaya Region
    I.T. Co. specialists have executed works on a pilot deployment of the new operating system Microsoft Windows 7 for clinical hospital in Alexando-Maryinskaya region. Prepared solution for installation of new operating system allowed automated change of operating systems on PCs of hospital staff who have already appreciated the comfort, reliability and work speed of this software.

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