1. 17.03.2015

    I.T. Smart Systems accomplishes end-to-end automation of Taimyr Fuel Company's filling station chain, using its I.T. Oil solution
    To reduce its costs needed to support and operate the corporate system of cashless payments for fuel, Petrol Plus, and filling station control system, DOSA-Terminal, Taimyr Fuel Company CJSC (TTC, a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel) moves to a unified solution, I.T. Oil, which met the requirements in the tender to replace two separate solutions.
  2. 20.10.2014

    Automation of 8 ha Large Kazakhmys POL base in Kazakhstan
    I.T. Smart Systems have completed an automation project for Kazakhmys Group POL base in Kazakhstan Republic.
  3. 30.09.2014

    I.T. Smart Systems Automating Two Jemchujina-S Gas Stations
    I.T.  Smart Systems company had completed automation of two gas stations by Jemchujina-S Group at Zlatoustye, Chelyabinsk oblast. The customer had praised the results and will be implementing "I.T. Oil" system on every automated gas station.
  4. 06.06.2014

    I.T. Co's triplet at the European Business Congress
    Being an active member of the European Business Congress (EBC), I.T. Co. regularly takes part in its events. The organization's 17th annual meeting was held on May 29-30, 2014 in Athens, Greece. Gazprom board chairman Alexey Miller made an opening speech. His presentation was dedicated to modern trends in the European and global gas markets, including views on the popularization of gas engine fuel.
  5. 30.04.2014

    I.T. Smart Systems continues automation of General Fueller filling stations
    Development of the General Fueller gas station network is focused on large, modern, multi-purpose filling stations built to European standards and environmental safety norms.
  6. 11.03.2014

    I.T.-AI Property Accounting now in Dubai
    I.T.-AI Property Accounting System using RFID technology was introduced in early 2013 and has been actively used at the Moscow headquarters of Lukoil Overseas. Its operating experience has been successful, so when moving the company's main office to Dubai, the customer decided to use the system there too. I.T.-AI Property Accounting System was quickly deployed and put into operation in the new office.
  7. 13.03.2013

    I.T. Co. develops and implements a business modeling methodology at TatNeft's Local Fuel Stations
    Experts from I.T. Co. have developed the foundations and guidelines for a business modeling system, described key business processes "as is" at the TatNeft Fuel Station Center and TatNeft Fuel Station West, and implemented business modeling on the basis of ARIS tools.
  8. 24.07.2012

    Transtek from Krasnodar Controls Fuel Costs with the Help of I.T. Oil
    I.T. Co. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) completed automation of fuel consumption accounting for vehicle fleet owned by carrier Transtek LLC (Krasnodar). During the project implementation, I.T. Oil: Wire Transfers System was adopted, Smart cards were programmed and POS terminals were installed to automate the process of fuel payment at fuel filling stations.
  9. 17.04.2012

    The network of Bashneft-Yug filling stations switched to I.T. Oil
    I.T. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) performed the project of implementing the system of I.T. Oil oil products sale automation in the network of Ayaks LLC filling stations which is a part of Bashneft-Yug multi-profile group of companies (Rostov-on-Don). The project helped to ensure centralized sales management in all points, activity became transparent through the use of advanced analytical instruments.
  10. 23.11.2011

    I.T. Smart Systems company automates property accounting in the head office of SUEK
    “I.T. Smart Systems", a member of I.T. Group, has implemented an RFID-based automated system of current property accounting, “I.T.-AI”, in the head office of the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK). The new software and hardware solution was closely integrated with the customer’s corporate management system, built on the SAP R/3 platform.
  11. 21.09.2011

    Siberia Increases I.T.-Oil Popularity
    Company I.T. Smart Systems within I.T. Group completed the project for implementation of I.T.-Oil Company's oil product sales automation system at the 21st petrol station in Novokuznetsk. In the course of the project, the unmanned petrol station was started up and became the first fully automated petrol station in the city and generally in the Kuznetsk Basin.
  12. 18.05.2011

    SITRONICS and I.T.Co Implement BOSS-Referent at Bashneft
    «JSC SITRONICS» (LSE:SITR) and I.T.Co announce the completion of BOSS-Referent ECM system implementation project at JSC ANK «Bashneft». By now about 3000 employees use the system and the quantity of users will double in the future.
  13. 09.03.2011

    I.T. Co. Deploys First Fully Automated Petrol Station in the Moscow Region
    I.T. Co. developed a management system to provide unmanned control of petrol stations as part of its IT-Oil integrated industrial solution. The Volgaresurs Group of Companies launched in test mode the first unmanned petrol station in the Moscow region.
  14. 09.02.2011

    I.T. Co. Achieves Oracle Specialized Status for Oracle Database, BI Foundation, Public Sector and Oil&Gas
    I.T. Co. met the requirements for Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized, achieving five specializations obligatory for Platinum Partners while continuing expansion of its expertise by complementing it with a sixth specialization.
  15. 14.09.2010

    I.T. Co. Supplies Gazprom Healthcare Center with Two Efficient IT Tools
    I.T. Co. implemented two IT projects for the Gazprom Polyclinic. The healthcare center was equipped with an automation system for inventory and maintenance of medical equipment, as well as a document management system. Currently, both systems are successfully operated by medical staff, which observes a significantly improved quality of service, faster decision-making, and reduction of time needed for document processing.
  16. 22.07.2009

    I.T. Co. Clients Discussed Future of Filling Station Chain Automation in Izhevsk
    I.T. Co. together with LLC ASPEK-Nefteproduct held a round table discussion in Izhevsk on “Real business objectives and ways of their achievement as part of strategic development of I.T.-Oil complex solution.” During the event representatives from petroleum products supply companies from various Russian regions discussed advantages and possibilities of future I.T.-Oil system development.
  17. 02.06.2009

    I.T. Co. Has Completed Warehouse Automation Project at Gazpromneft-ONPZ
    I.T. Co. together with ITSK has completed automation of work at OJSC Gazpromneft-ONPZ warehouse (part of OJSC Gazpromneft). The project included implemented a production and supply warehouse management system. The system uses bar-coding and facilitates data exchange with the enterprise corporate system built on the SAP R/3 platform. All this allowed for optimization of the warehouse' operating and its effective functioning.
  18. 25.02.2009

    I.T. Co. Develops Single Control System for Filling Stations Chain and Concurrent Goods Sales for Nafta-Capital
    I.T. CO. began automation of Nafta-Capital business. A single filling station chain and sales of concurrent goods control system will be developed in the course of the project realization. The applied solution will facilitate efficiency of Nafta-Capital business, optimize sales and services management, and increase the number of filling stations clients.

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