1. 18.05.2015

    PSS.Platforma: Self-service is easy!
    Progressive Self-Service Systems, an I.T. Group company, announces the release of PSS.Platforma, a software solution to manage and administer the fleet of self-service machines. The product features impressive functional and customization capabilities to be used with a variety of devices, which makes it perfectly suitable for high quality and cost efficient self-service offerings in a wide array of business activities.
  2. 31.03.2015

    Food ordering in Tanuki restaurants goes automated with new self-service kiosks
    A manufacturer of self-service systems, Progressive Self-Service Systems (an I.T. Group), and Samsung Electronics have developed customized self-service kiosks for the Tanuki chain of Japanese restaurants. With these devices which will be installed in public places (shopping and office centers, parks, etc.), everyone will be able to quickly and easily order an office or home delivery of favorite dishes.
  3. 18.09.2014

    Karo Film cinema chain adopts an innovation of Progressive Self-Service Systems
    Progressive Self-Service Systems (an I.T. Group) has developed innovative self-service terminals for the Karo Film cinema chain. The new devices know no equal in the Russian market and will soon appear in all of the chain's cinemas. The audience will greatly appreciate these terminals, as they will make the purchase of tickets fast, convenient and interactive.
  4. 10.02.2009

    I.T. Co. Licensed out ALBA on Installments
    I.T. Co. has completed supply and installation of Microsoft software for ALBA shoes stores chain owned by Alibi-Corporation. The licensing was done under the Open Value scheme allowing for reduction of the initial costs through three years of installment payments.

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