1. 07.04.2014

    The I.T. Co. has created Building, Engineer and IT Competence Center
    The brand new Competence Center has allowed bringing all expertise together in the field of creating information and engineer infrastructure for major construction projects, which has been boosted in recent years by I.T. Co. For example, in a few years I.T. Co. has developed a number of ambitious geographically dispersed infrastructural projects, including for the Olympic venues in Sochi, therefore conforming its competence as a unique integrator of different engineer and IT systems for the customers.
  2. 14.11.2013

    The I.T. Co. project won the competition for the best APCS solutions
    The I.T. Co. has won the Automation and Control of Technological Processes on Industrial Facilities contest, which was held in the framework of the exhibition Interlight Moscow/Light and Building-2013. The first place in the nomination, the Best Project of APCS took the project for modernization of the filling and packaging lines of finished products of a large manufacturer of food products.
  3. 06.06.2013

    I.T. Co. has increased the scope of expertise, focused on industrial automation
    I.T. Co. has changed its structure by opening the Industrial Automation Department, based on the existing business-area. Firstly, these transformations reflect I.T. Co’s strategic purposes for expansion of business, related to industrial automation, and, secondly, indicate the amount of expertise and skills, which have been accumulating to enable the company to launch large-scale projects for different enterprises. The new Department is headed by Rodion Merzlyakov, head of the company’s Ural branch.
  4. 18.12.2012

    I.T. Co helped Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas to execute the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
    I.T. Co has completed a technical equipment of 13 classrooms of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas with interactive systems to support the work of the university dissertation councils. The system allows broadcasting events, record and store multiformat media information and is able to support interaction (including remote) of unlimited number of users.
  5. 09.08.2011

    I.T. Co. equipped new hotel Park Inn with low-current systems
    I.T. Co. equipped the building of new 14-storey hotel Park Inn Astrakhan with set of low-current systems: SCS, LAN, video surveillance, TV, fire and security alarm, warning system in fire emergency etc. Construction was invested by Regional Hotel Chain LLC (RHC), which manages the construction of all-Russian hotels chain with international brand. The project lasted almost year; in the result the hotel is ready to accept guests. It was the first experience of I.T. Co. in hotels equipment, which integrator expects to apply in other similar projects.
  6. 05.07.2011

    I.T. Co. developed AMCS for BelZAN
    I.T. Co. has completed a project on creating a system of access monitoring and control (AMCS) at Avtonormal’ Belebeevsky Plant OJSC. Deployed solution made it possible to improve safety and level of labor discipline of more than 5,000 plant employees. Project cost amounted more than 10 million rubles.
  7. 29.03.2011

    I.T. Co. Adds IT Component to the Moscow Lighting System
    I.T. Co. completed R&D works for the “Development of Integrated Information and Management System for Outdoor Lighting in Moscow”.  The system consolidates more than twenty information systems. A new hardware and software solution for unified technological (dispatch) management of outdoor lighting facilities located in the capital city of the Russian Federation was elaborated. Three years ago all major I.T. Co. departments, I.T. Group companies, I.T. Co.’s subcontractor LLC Svetoservice and project team of the State Unitary Enterprise “Mossvet” were involved in the project. The cost of the state contract constituted 190 million rubles.
  8. 21.12.2010

    I.T. Co. Issues Working Documentation for the EuroChem’s Affiliated Company
    I.T. Co. issued working documentation on information and engineering systems for LLC “Tuapse Bulk Terminal”, the EuroChem’s affiliated company. The project was estimated at 4 million rubles.
  9. 27.04.2010

    I.T. Co. Implements One More Infrastructure System for Yota in Sochi
    I.T. Co. implemented the infrastructure system for Yota’s Data Center in Sochi to support expansion of Yota’s Mobile WiMAX Network there. This is the second project I.T. Co. implemented for Yota after Ufa’s communication center proved its reliability.
  10. 30.03.2010

    I.T. Co. Implements Engineering Infrastructure System of the Data Center for UGORIA Insurance Company
    I.T. Co. implemented an engineering infrastructure system for the Data Center at headquarters of UGORIA Insurance Company in Khanty-Mansyisk.
  11. 14.09.2009

    I.T. Co. supports Yota's regional expansion
    I.T. Co. has created the data processing infrastructure for a multi-service communications center in Ufa — part of Yota’s Mobile WiMAX network. I.T. Co. saw this project from start to finish, from obtaining permit documentation and designing the communications network, to obtaining agency inspection reports, completing construction, assembly and start-up works, and launching operations.
  12. 27.07.2009

    I.T. Co. Made Representative Office of RusSpetsStal Smart and Comfortable
    I.T. Co has completed unique engineering and infrastructure construction project at the new RusSpetsStal representative office. I.T. Co. specialists had to combine complex technological solutions with the exclusive design of the office.

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