1. 06.08.2014

    BOSS. HR Systems demonstrate their innovative developments to the military
    BOSS. HR Systems took part in the annual Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, held on August 4-5 at the Alabino firing range (Moscow region). At the exposition, arranged jointly with I.T. Departmental Systems, they presented a protected terminal for real-time access to the BOSS-Kadrovik system, as well as a mobile workstation for soldiers.
  2. 02.08.2012

    I.T. Co Retrofits HRM System of Sibirsky Cement
    I.T. Co. completed retrofitting BOSS-Personnel Manager HRM system in Holding Company Sibirsky Cement. During the project implementation, the earlier installed system version was transferred to a unified Oracle platform; appropriate modifications were made to the software, as well as highly qualified technical support was provided. All these, as it was initially scheduled, helped the customer to form Unified Salary Calculation Center for all holding companies.
  3. 03.04.2012

    Voronezh administration manages its personnel by means of BOSS-Kadrovik
    I.T. Co. has completed the project on implementation of the automated personnel management system BOSS-Kadrovik in the City District Administration of Voronezh. Implementation of this solution allowed reducing labor efforts on personnel document management and provided the administration with wide opportunities of personnel management.
  4. 06.12.2011

    I.T. Co. upgrades HRM system BOSS-Kadrovik at “Siberian Cement”
    I.T. Co. won the contest to upgrade the HRM system BOSS-Kadrovik for holding company “Siberian Cement”. The project framework included transfer of the installed software versions to a common Oracle platform, competent technical support and license maintenance. By means of a centralized solution, a unified salary payment center for staff across the holding's enterprises will be established.
  5. 08.02.2010

    AlfaStrakhovanie Switched to Unified Personnel Inventory and Payroll System
    I.T. Co. together with the project team of AlfaStrakhovanie accomplished a development project of a unified information system of personnel inventory and payroll. From February to December 2009 the solution based on the BOSS-Kadrovik platform was implemented in more than 80 branches of the insurance company across Russia. This project finalized the process of personnel management in all of AlfaStrakhovanie, which was started in 2008.
  6. 14.10.2009

    I.T. Co. Offers to Insurers the Specialized BOSS-Kadrovik HRMS
    I.T. Co. offers a new branch-oriented solution: the HR management system for the local insurance companies based on the BOSS-Kadrovik product. The advisability of this solution is explained by I.T.'s great experience in the field of automating personnel management and payroll calculation at insurance companies, by the fixed demand for this kind of systems, as well as by the desire to consolidate in a single product all the gathered previously expertise.
  7. 28.05.2009

    I.T. Co. Implements Single HR Management System in a Beer Brewing and Sale Group of Companies
    I.T. Co. Implements HR management system based on the BOSS-Kadrovik software for the Heineken Group in Russia. Currently I.T. Co. has completed pilot implementation of the system at three enterprises, and moved on to replication of the results at the rest of the Russian plants. The project will be completed by 2010.
  8. 19.05.2009

    I.T. Co. Helps AlphaStrakhovanie with Personnel Records Management
    I.T. Co. completed implementation of a personnel management system at the headquarters and the Moscow regional center of OJSC AlphaStrakhovanie and at LLC AlphaStrakhovanie-Zhizn. Development of a centralized solution based on BOSS-Kadrovik allows for implementation of a single personnel management policy and reduction of costs related to operative collection of consolidated information on all enterprises within the holding.
  9. 16.03.2009

    I.T. Co. Implemented BOSS-Kadrovik at EPO Signal
    I.T. Co. completed BOSS-Kadrovik HR management system implementation project at Engelsk Instrument Building Association Signal in the Saratov region. Now the salary and work experience calculation, staff schedule preparation, vacation lists and labor contracts preparation processes at the enterprise are done automatically.

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