1. 20.12.2013

    I.T. Oil and RFID - automatic vehicle identification and improvement of oil products management and accounting at Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant's gas filling stations
    I.T. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) has completed a pilot project at Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant (NLMP), which combined two technologies: automated refueling of vehicles and automated identification of vehicles using RFID technology.
  2. 24.07.2012

    Transtek from Krasnodar Controls Fuel Costs with the Help of I.T. Oil
    I.T. Co. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) completed automation of fuel consumption accounting for vehicle fleet owned by carrier Transtek LLC (Krasnodar). During the project implementation, I.T. Oil: Wire Transfers System was adopted, Smart cards were programmed and POS terminals were installed to automate the process of fuel payment at fuel filling stations.
  3. 17.04.2012

    The network of Bashneft-Yug filling stations switched to I.T. Oil
    I.T. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) performed the project of implementing the system of I.T. Oil oil products sale automation in the network of Ayaks LLC filling stations which is a part of Bashneft-Yug multi-profile group of companies (Rostov-on-Don). The project helped to ensure centralized sales management in all points, activity became transparent through the use of advanced analytical instruments.
  4. 12.12.2011

    I.T. Company designs system of all-in-one contactless cards for residents of Kursk oblast
    I.T. Smart Systems, part of I.T. Group, has completed project development for an automated system for accessing government and municipal services electronically with the use of all-in-one contactless cards. The project was carried out by order of the Kursk region Department of Information and Communication Technologies and Information Security.
  5. 21.09.2011

    Siberia Increases I.T.-Oil Popularity
    Company I.T. Smart Systems within I.T. Group completed the project for implementation of I.T.-Oil Company's oil product sales automation system at the 21st petrol station in Novokuznetsk. In the course of the project, the unmanned petrol station was started up and became the first fully automated petrol station in the city and generally in the Kuznetsk Basin.
  6. 09.03.2011

    I.T. Co. Deploys First Fully Automated Petrol Station in the Moscow Region
    I.T. Co. developed a management system to provide unmanned control of petrol stations as part of its IT-Oil integrated industrial solution. The Volgaresurs Group of Companies launched in test mode the first unmanned petrol station in the Moscow region.
  7. 09.11.2009

    I.T. Co. Has Performed an Integrated Project at the Frito Lay Plant
    I.T. Co. has implemented at the Frito Lay Manufacturing Ltd. (Kashir, Moscow oblast’) a unique solution that integrates cafeteria management and access control system into the corporate SAP R/3.
  8. 22.07.2009

    I.T. Co. Clients Discussed Future of Filling Station Chain Automation in Izhevsk
    I.T. Co. together with LLC ASPEK-Nefteproduct held a round table discussion in Izhevsk on “Real business objectives and ways of their achievement as part of strategic development of I.T.-Oil complex solution.” During the event representatives from petroleum products supply companies from various Russian regions discussed advantages and possibilities of future I.T.-Oil system development.
  9. 21.07.2009

    I.T. Co. Contributed to Development of Efficient System for Preparation of Future Agrarian Specialists
    I.T. Co has completed a complex project at Stavropol State Agrarian University. In the course of the project execution company specialists have created a modern multimedia hall, built a computing complex, and implemented university automation system components — I.T.-University. The university was also supplied with the necessary computing and organizational equipment: computers, printers, scanners, etc.
  10. 12.03.2009

    I.T. Co. Modernizes Library of Dentistry School
    I.T. Co. Completed Moscow State Medical and Dentistry University library automation project using complex I.T.-University information system. I.T.-University: Library system was implemented.
  11. 25.02.2009

    I.T. Co. Develops Single Control System for Filling Stations Chain and Concurrent Goods Sales for Nafta-Capital
    I.T. CO. began automation of Nafta-Capital business. A single filling station chain and sales of concurrent goods control system will be developed in the course of the project realization. The applied solution will facilitate efficiency of Nafta-Capital business, optimize sales and services management, and increase the number of filling stations clients.
  12. 24.02.2009

    I.T. Co. Has Extended the IT and Education Infrastructure at MGPPU
    I.T. Co. has completed execution of a complex IT and education infrastructure development project for Moscow City University of Psychology and Education (MGPPU). The University received the required I.T.-University solution components designed for complex automation of education facility operations.

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