1. 07.10.2014

    I.T. Smart Systems Installed Process Management System for Industrial Warehouse at Ariant Agriholding's new facility
    I.T. Smart Systems have automated "Fabrika Myasnoi Gastronomii", a unique meat works by Ariant Agriholding. The project for operational process management system for an industrial warehouse was a part of construction of a huge complex in Fedorovka, Chelyabinsk oblast, built from the ground up in record time and unique not only to Ural, but to Russia as a whole.
  2. 05.05.2014

    Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System implements I.T.-AI on SAP platform
    I.T. Smart Systems has completed a project on property accounting automation for OJSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System (OJSC FGS UES).
  3. 11.03.2014

    I.T.-AI Property Accounting now in Dubai
    I.T.-AI Property Accounting System using RFID technology was introduced in early 2013 and has been actively used at the Moscow headquarters of Lukoil Overseas. Its operating experience has been successful, so when moving the company's main office to Dubai, the customer decided to use the system there too. I.T.-AI Property Accounting System was quickly deployed and put into operation in the new office.
  4. 18.02.2014

    I.T. Smart Systems creates cloud storage for Kazakhmys
    I.T. Smart Systems has created a comprehensive solution to automate warehouse business processes with the ability of its easy replication across the entire network of distribution warehouses for Kazakhmys, one of the leading corporations in the world in mining and processing natural resources.
  5. 28.01.2014

    I.T. Smart Systems implements a warehouse logistics automation project for Polyus Gold Group, distributed along 4,000 km.
    I.T. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) carried out work on the automation of warehouse business processes for Polyus Gold Group, the largest gold producer in Russia. The customer highly praised the results of the project, which was implemented in companies in Eastern Siberia, and decided to expand it to the Far East.
  6. 02.04.2013

    I.T. Co. Smart Systems Checks the Assets of the Inter-District Inspectorate
    I.T. Co. Smart Systems, part of the I.T. Group, has implemented an IT-AI system for automatic registration and inventory checks at the Inter-District Price Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. The bar-code based solution provided an efficient way of recording the institution's assets.
  7. 05.02.2013

    I.T. Smart Systems solution has effectively organized activities on Sibur-Khimprom warehouse
    I.T. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) completed automation of the warehouse of finished products of Sibur-Khimprom CJSC. For a short time, production warehouse management system and its integration with corporate information systems was implemented, based on 1C platform, which made it possible to reduce labor costs and optimize logistics. Project cost amounted to a little less than 5 million rubles.
  8. 06.04.2009

    For the First time in Russia I.T. Co. Will Offer Wi-Fi Network Positioning Using RFID Labels
    I.T. Co. starts offering positioning services in wireless Cisco networks in Russia using AeroScout active RFID labels. This solution is designed for a number of industries since it allows for tracking movement and collecting information about location of resources, detailes, machinery and employees.
  9. 24.02.2009

    I.T. Co. Has Extended the IT and Education Infrastructure at MGPPU
    I.T. Co. has completed execution of a complex IT and education infrastructure development project for Moscow City University of Psychology and Education (MGPPU). The University received the required I.T.-University solution components designed for complex automation of education facility operations.

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