I.T.-AI Property Accounting now in Dubai


I.T.-AI Property Accounting now in Dubai
I.T.-AI Property Accounting System using RFID technology was introduced in early 2013 and has been actively used at the Moscow headquarters of Lukoil Overseas. Its operating experience has been successful, so when moving the company's main office to Dubai, the customer decided to use the system there too. I.T.-AI Property Accounting System was quickly deployed and put into operation in the new office.

Implementation resulted in transparent property accounting with RFID tags that allow storage of a large amount of information about each accounting object. The procedure and term of future inventories was simplified tenfold: RFID technology allows the simultaneous reading of information from multiple objects. 

The new I.T.-AI Property Accounting System has already proven itself to be a convenient and accurate tool for accounting of property. There are plans to modify the system in accordance with the new requirements of Lukoil Overseas and considerations on whether to replicate it in other divisions.

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