I.T. Smart Systems creates cloud storage for Kazakhmys


I.T. Smart Systems creates cloud storage for Kazakhmys
I.T. Smart Systems has created a comprehensive solution to automate warehouse business processes with the ability of its easy replication across the entire network of distribution warehouses for Kazakhmys, one of the leading corporations in the world in mining and processing natural resources.

Before fall 2012, managerial accounting of Kazakhmys' warehouse stock was performed in the ERP system of a European developer. Wide geography (Zhezkazgan, Eastern and Central regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan), numerous storage facilities, the need to streamline business processes, and the use of offline data collection terminals became deciding factors for the comprehensive reorganization of warehouse logistics management.

Features of business processes as well as wide-ranging customer needs were taken into account and implemented in I.T.'s systematic approach to problem solving.

Centralized architecture was developed and a single database in Almaty with remote connection of warehouses to a single system was created in order to improve the efficiency of implementation and maintenance.

In the course of the project, the specialists of I.T. Smart Systems analyzed the business processes of automated warehouses and their optimization, developed technical specifications, and designed a WMS solution using batch (offline) data collection terminals required by the customer, trained professionals of Kazakhmys Corporation, and launched the system into operation.

The result of the project was the creation and implementation of a unique industry solution for automating the warehouse business processes of central distribution warehouses with the ability of easy replication. Thanks to the "cloud" architecture of the WMS solution, Kazakhmys has the ability to replicate the system on its own, which can significantly reduce project costs and improve work efficiency.

About Kazakhmys
Kazakhmys, which specializes mainly in the production of copper and whose earliest assets were put into operation in 1930, is one of the leading international companies for mining and processing natural resources. The company operates in Kazakhstan and is listed on the London, Kazakhstan and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges. Kazakhmys is the largest copper producer in Kazakhstan and one of the leading copper producers in the world.
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