I.T. Smart Systems implements a warehouse logistics automation project for Polyus Gold Group, distributed along 4,000 km.


I.T. Smart Systems implements a warehouse logistics automation project for Polyus Gold Group, distributed along 4,000 km.
I.T. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) carried out work on the automation of warehouse business processes for Polyus Gold Group, the largest gold producer in Russia. The customer highly praised the results of the project, which was implemented in companies in Eastern Siberia, and decided to expand it to the Far East.

Due to the geographical distribution of Polyus Gold divisions and the fragmentation of databases, there was a need to create a unified system of warehouse automation. With its help, the customer planned to optimize resources (warehouse locations, equipment, transportation) to reduce time and minimize errors during warehouse and in-transit handling of cargo, to plan work efficiently, and to manage the warehouse complex. In addition, the system needed to calculate the costs of services provided by the logistics operator quickly and accurately as well as maintain cellular product storage and handling of goods by scanning manufacturer's barcodes. 

In order to solve the complex integrated business problem of interaction between enterprise information systems and a specialized WMS-system, I.T. Smart Systems specialists analyzed the customer's corporate systems and warehouse business processes, developed the architecture and requirements for the warehouse management system based on geographical distribution of automation items, developed the logic of integrating the warehouse management system with corporate systems, created and introduced a new model of business processes "as it should be." The next stage included systems configuration, staff training, and launching a specialized WMS system into industrial operation. 

I.T.'s systematic approach resulted in the optimization of logistics business processes and their complex through automation in the entirety of the Polyus Gold Group. In addition, specialized, efficient infrastructure was created and data was exchanged between the five 1C platform-based information systems used by all Lesosibirsk and Yeruda-Blagodatnoye warehouses (20 warehouses) and corporate control centers in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk. 

A business task related to the optimization of resources was also solved during the project: reducing the time to perform warehouse and in-transit handling of cargo, effective work planning and management of processes in logistics warehouses, launching modules for automated billing of rendered services, accounting of employee performance and their labor time. 

The integrated project for sophisticated enterprise automation at Polyus Gold Group in Krasnoyarsk Krai was implemented in 6 months. Its expansion to the Far East is currently underway. 

About Polyus Gold Group
Polyus Gold Group (Polyus Gold International) is the largest gold producer in Russia and one of the top 10 global gold producers in terms of production volume (in 2012 it produced 1.68 million ounces of gold). The company has some of the largest gold reserves in the world (proven and probable reserves according to international classification are over 83 million ounces). A strong resource base provides the foundation for one of the highest growth rates in production among the industry's leading companies (gold production in 2012 exceeded that of 2011 by 12%).
Parent companies of Polyus Gold are located in the richest gold mining regions of Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East and include five active mines, gold deposits, and a number of projects under construction and in development.
For more information, visit: http://www.polyusgold.com/ru/

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