MobileSputnik now in Samsung Apps applications store


MobileSputnik now in Samsung Apps applications store
MobilityLab (I.T. Group), located in the IT cluster of the Skolkovo innovation project, has announced that the MobileSputnik mobile client is now available in the Samsung Apps application store, a new addition to the list of the most popular app stores - Apple AppStore, Google Play and Amazon AppStore.

MobileSputnik turns iPad and Android tablets into true enterprise mobile workplaces with advanced Internet access capabilities, giving users familiar PC capabilities, providing rich functionality, usability and security when while with corporate files at any time in any place.

With MobileSputnik a user receives a unique toolkit for viewing, creating, editing, sharing and managing documents directly on their mobile device. Key features of MobileSputnik include: 
  • Multi-screen user interface to open multiple files 
  • File manager with rich set of file operations 
  • Viewer for documents, images, multimedia 
  • Embedded Office to edit documents 
  • Text file based note taker 
  • Multi-screen desktop for shortcuts 
  • Access to Windows folders and SharePoint document libraries 
  • Easy and secure file sync with MobileSputnik agents 
  • Working with user accounts from Active Directory 
  • Deployment of all MobileSputnik server components within the corporate intranet. Scalable multi-component server architecture 
  • Advanced management and monitoring tools 
"The approval and publication of MobileSputnik in Samsung Apps enables users of most popular Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy tablets running on Android and driven by ARM processors to deploy mobile workplaces directly from the manufacturer's own app store," said Sergey Orlik, Managing Director of MobilityLab, the manufacturer of MobileSputnik. 

The MobileSputnik client for Android tablets at Samsung Apps consists of two components: 
  • MobileSputnik (client app core) 
  • MobileSputnik Editor - office suite plug-in 
Users can try out MobileSputnik in two ways: 
  • "Demo": linking of mobile clients and access from the new web client to the product's existing demo product server, available from the Internet 
  • "Trial":: deployment of the fully functional 30 day trial version within the corporate infrastructure
For a product trial, submit your request at: http://www.mobilesputnik.ru/trial/ 

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