I.T. Group's top manager heads RASPO


I.T. Group's top manager heads RASPO
Liubov Orlova, Director of Business Development of I.T. Departmental Systems (part of I.T. Group) has been elected president of RASPO (Russian Free Software Association). She replaces the previous president, Yulia Ovchinnikova, who led the association for about two years. 

RASPO was founded in May 2009. The association's mission is stated as support for the development, implementation and popularization of free software in Russia, development of the Russian software industry based on open source code and free licenses, and the industry's expansion into the global software development market.

"Free software is increasingly used by both large corporations and state information systems. Perhaps it is still not as widely used in Russia, but this is just another indication of its great potential. Recent years have witnessed increased public attention to discussions around the issue of information security when using proprietary Western software, which makes freeware more in-demand 'right now,'" said Lubov Orlova. "RASPO unites key Russian companies with expertise in freeware and will promote freeware in our country in order to provide, among other things, digital sovereignty and technological independence. The most important task I see as RASPO president is to establish a collaborative dialog between the state and domestic companies with expertise in this industry." 

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